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[Xbox 360 Console] Thread 16... .. General Xbox 360 Discussion

What games are region free? Here's a list!

Region Free Shopping at Videogames Plus.ca

Check the VG+ Blog for latest Region Free updates

Search for *** for creating USA and Jap Marketplace accounts


See here for more info re: the sig... http://www.thedvdforums.co.uk/forum...ad.php?t=403393

Use this link to get a forum friendly JPG version: http://www.*********************/xbox/ but remember, ONE PER THREAD.

Where can I get one from?

Just about everywhere now! Places like GAME will have bundles though - try and haggle to get the games you want in the bundles!

What were the Launch Titles?

The following launched with the 360 and are available now.

1. Amped 3 (2K Sports)
Amped 3 @ IGN - 6.9
Amped 3 @ Gamespot - 7.6
2. Call of Duty 2 (Activision)
Call of Duty 2 @ Teamxbox - 9/10
Call of Duty 2 @ IGN - 9.0
Call of Duty 2 @ Gamespot - 8.8
3. Condemned: Criminal Origins (SEGA)
Condemned @ IGN - 8.7
Condemned @ Gamespot - 8.0
4. FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup (Electronic Arts)
FIFA Soccer 06 @ IGN - 6.9
FIFA @ Gamespot - 6.0
5. GUN (Activision)
Gun @ Gamespot - 6.4
Gun @ IGN - 7.9
6. Kameo: Elements of Power (Microsoft Game Studios)
Kameo @ IGN - 8.4
Kameo @ Gamespot - 8.7
7. Madden NFL 06 (Electronic Arts)
Madden @ IGN - 8.0
Madden @ Gamespot - 7.4
8. NBA Live 06 (Electronic Arts)
NBA Live 06 @ IGN - 5.9
9. Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Electronic Arts)
Need for Speed: Most Wanted @ IGN - 8.0
Need for Speed: Most Wanted @ Gamespot - 8.4
10. Perfect Dark Zero (Microsoft Game Studios)
Perfect Dark Zero @ Gamespot - 9.0
Perfect Dark Zero @ IGN - 8.4
PD Zero @ Team Xbox - 8.8
11. Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie(Ubisoft)
King Kong @ IGN - 8.0
King Kong @ Gamespot - 8.2
12. Project Gotham Racing 3 (Microsoft Game Studios)
Project Gotham Racing 3 @ IGN - 8.8
PGR3 @ Gamespot - 8.8
13. Quake 4 (Activision, id software and Raven Software Corp.)
Quake 4 @ Gamespot - 6.6
Quake 4 @ IGN - 8.1
14. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06(Electronic Arts)
Tiger Woods 06 @ IGN - 6.8
Tiger Woods 06 @ Gamespot - 7.8
15. Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (Activision)
Tony Hawk's @ IGN - 8.3
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland @ Gamespot - 6.6

What about peripherals?

You could pick up these 13 peripherals on UK launch:

Xbox 360 Hard Drive (20 GB)
Xbox 360 Memory Unit (64 MB)
Xbox 360 Faceplate
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
Xbox 360 Controller
Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit
Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Pack
Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter
Xbox 360 Headset
Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote
Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable
Xbox 360 Advanced AV Cable
Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable

More are being released all the time now, the Plug and Charge Kit is new (basically an extra battery and a standalone charger).

Xbox 360 Launch and General Info

When was it released?

United States: Tues 22nd November
Europe: Friday 2nd December
Japan: Saturday 10th December
Microsoft say the new Xbox will ship in Australia, Colombia, Hong Kong, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan “sometime in 2006".

How much does it cost?

There are 2 “packages” available at launch. The Core Pack costs £209.99 and includes the 360 system, 1 wired controller, 1 faceplate, standard audio-visual cable and Xbox Live Silver Membership.

The Premium Pack for £279.99 includes the 360 system, 1 wireless controller (with batteries), 20GB detachable hard drive, faceplate, headset, component HD audio-visual cables, Ethernet cable, Xbox Live Silver Membership and (for a limited time) a mini media remote.

Will there be a price cut?

No official news but it's widely assumed that the price will drop a bit at the time of, or shortly before the PS3 launch.

What accessories are be available?

The following info is from Xbox.com.

Xbox 360™ Wireless Controller
Enjoy speed, accuracy and freedom to move with its 30ft range.
Suggested retail price: £32.99

Any 360 controller from around the world will work on any region Xbox 360. Same with most peripherals.

Xbox 360™ Play and Charge Kit
Recharge your Xbox 360™ Wireless Controller while you play.
Suggested retail price: £14.99

Xbox 360™ Memory Unit (64MB)
Take your games with you – wherever you go, whatever stage you’re at.
Suggested retail price: £22.99

Xbox 360™ Hard Drive (20GB)
Save games and music, plus download new Xbox Live® content.
Suggested retail price: £69.99

Xbox 360™ Wireless Networking Adapter
Take on the world – no strings attached. Play wirelessly on Xbox Live®.
Suggested retail price: £59.99

Xbox 360™ Universal Media Remote
Sit back and take control of your console, TV and DVD/CD playback.
Suggested retail price: £19.99

Xbox 360™ Controller
Maximum comfort, maximum control. With adjustable vibration feedback.
Suggested retail price: £24.99

Xbox 360™ Headset
Talk and discuss strategies with your Xbox Live® team mates.
Suggested retail price: £14.99

Xbox 360™ Component HD AV Cable
Get connected to high definition gaming for the ultimate experience.
Suggested retail price: £19.99

Xbox 360™ Faceplate
Make a statement – personalise your Xbox 360™ with distinctive Faceplates.
Suggested retail price: £14.99
Xbox 360™ VGA HD AV Cable
High-definition brilliance for VGA displays.
Suggested retail price: £19.99

Xbox 360™ Rechargeable Battery Pack
Power your Xbox 360™ Wireless Controller with 25 hours of play per charge.
Suggested retail price: £9.99
Xbox 360™ Advanced SCART AV Cable
Crisp, clean, RGB-quality gaming.
Suggested retail price: £17.99

Xbox Live 12 month Gold Membership Card
RRP: £39.99
Amazon.co.uk Price: £32.99

Xbox Live 3 month Gold Membership Card
RRP: £14.99
Amazon.co.uk: £12.99

The USB Camera is supported now in the dash (in terms of software). It is released on Friday 8th October for an RRP of £34.99. It comes complete with Uno for those who have not yet bought it, and will also function as a webcam for Windows.

Buy it from Amazon for £25.99

Is the 360 backwards compatible with Xbox 1 games?

Sort of, yes. To play Xbox 1 games you will firstly need the 360 Hard Drive (so you must stay clear of the Core package). This is because the hard drive is needed to store emulation code. It is used to emulate the Xbox 1 hardware and as many Xbox games will require various “tweaks” to this code, not all games will be supported as Microsoft has to pick and choose what titles to support. A full list of titles can be found here:
Backwards Compatible Xbox 1 titles on Xbox 360 - keep checking for MS updates.

The emulation software for each game is downloaded from Xbox Live when you put that title in the Xbox 360. If you don't have Xbox Live you can download and burn the software to a CD to put in the Xbox 360 and install on the Hard Drive.

How do I transfer my save games from the Xbox 1 to the 360?

You can but only with the Datel XSATA.

Can I at least transfer my downloadable content?

You can redownload any free content with either an Xbox Live Silver OR Gold account. Any premium stuff you have paid for can be redownloaded for free.

How big is the console?

About 10.25 inches wide and anywhere between 2.5 to 3.25 inches high, being as it's concave.

Will it play DVDs out of the box without the need for a dongle or remote?


Can you turn the machine on by the controller?

Yep, that button in the middle will turn the thing on, and bring up the Blades menu system in any game, which among other things will allow you to turn the thing off.

Tell me about the "Blades" on the dashboard.

These are like sections of the dashboard. There are many, the Xbox Live Blade, General System Options, Media etc. The plus of having a consistant framework for all games is that some of the donkey work for developers is already done – particularly for Xbox Live, and things are kept simple and consistant for gamers. You can even save some options for use in ALL games. Inverted look for example. You can also customise the colours of these.

What about the controllers? Wired or wireless?

The preferred controller type is wireless and each machine supports up to 4 wireless controllers via a built in receiver. You can use a recharge kit (connected to one of the USB ports) to make the wireless controller into a wired one which will charge up while you play. Of course you could just use a wired controller should you want to.

The controllers themselves are similar in design to the Xbox 1 S-Controller. The Start and Back buttons are now in the middle either side of the Xbox 360 button, and the black/white buttons have moved to now become shoulder buttons above the triggers. The headset plugs in to the bottom of the controller, and can be used when the controller is being used wirelessly. The wireless range is about 30 feet.

Does that play and charge kit come with a rechargeable battery then?


Are the headsets wireless?

No, they plug into the bottom of the joypad. Wireless headsets will be out by the end of the year. Each machine can support 4 wireless pads and 4 wireless headsets.

Will you be able to have Custom Soundtracks in some games again?

Yes. Every game on 360 supports custom soundtracks, either ripped to your hard drive or streamed through a portable media device via one of the USB ports.

Is there anything on the Hard Drive preinstalled?

Yes. There is a number of Gamertiles for people to use as pictures on their Gamercards, a free album to use as a custom soundtrack comprised of a number of various artists, some video including a "Making of 360" video and the Xbox Live Arcade game, Hexic.

Technical Info

What are the specs in short?

· 3.2 GHz PowerPC processor with 3 cores
· ATI custom graphics chip
· 512MB GDDR3 Unified System Memory
· 10MB embedded DRAM
· 12X DVD drive
· 20GB HDD

What are all the ports and sockets on the system?

You have an optical drive tray (obviously), eject button, large power button which according to MS is the gateway to the next-generation of games and entertainment. Surrounding it is the Ring of Light, which is a visual indicator of game status and system messages." You have an IR port for the DVD remote, two memory card slots for the Xbox 360™ Memory Unit (64MB). There’s a connection-reset button for wireless devices, 2 USB ports on the front behind a slide door and one at the back.

Will the games support High-Definition?

J Allard (Microsoft's Corporate Vice President) has said that all Xbox 360 games must run in at least 720p with a 16:9 aspect ratio and 5.1 Dolby Digital audio.

Will it support HD-DVD or Blu-Ray?

No. It is a standard DVD drive but most games are expected to be on Dual Layer DVDs (around 9GBs). The DVD drive speed is 12x. A HD-DVD external add-on will be out (no confirmed date).

Will it be able to read other media?

The 360 has been confirmed as being able to read DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, WMA CD, MP3 CD, JPEG Photo CD. It also supports Progressive-scan DVD movie playback out of the box; DVD and CD music and photo playback out of the box.

What about standard analog 4:3 TV owners?

480i will continue to be a supported output resolution in all games although widescreen will be the default selection. Gamers will have to change this manually.

So all games have surround sound?

Yes, all must support at least 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio, and Xbox 360 will support in-game Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Pro Logic II. DD, DPLII and DTS output during DVD playback is also a given.

Regarding DVD movie playback, will it upscale standard definition DVDs to 720p or 1080i like modern DVD players? Will the Xbox 360 play WMVHD DVDs?

No, it only allows progressive-scan DVD playback in 480p.

Will it be region free for DVDs and/or games?

No, it is region locked. However, some games are region free (check the threads of games you are interested in).

High Definition Display

What are the different connections available?

These are the connections available to connect the 360 to a TV or monitor.

S-video (Y/C)
RGB Scart
Component (YUV)

What's the difference between them?

First of all, quality of image depends on your TV and it's possible for some TVs to display lower quality signals better than others. It is also possible that the 360 itself may display different signals better than others. However, all things being equal the connections are detailed in order of quality as follows.

Composite is the basic yellow phono lead that connects to the front of TVs or to a Scart plug to connect round the back. It will have red and yellow audio leads too. This is the standard connection with most consoles and gives an unremarkable picture with significant colour bleed.

S-Video (also known as Y/C) uses a nine pin black plug for the video and is a much sharper signal than composite. It can be connected into an S-Video connection (again usually at the front of TVs) or in a Scart plug to connect to the rear (provided the Scart input supports S-Video). The official S-video cable may not see a release in Europe.

RGB Scart is the best signal for most 'standard' TVs. Note that Scart is not a signal, it is just a connection that can be used to carry a number of signals. A proper RGB Scart lead will give a slightly better picture than s-video and a significantly better picture than composite. Note that a yellow, red and white plug in a scart block is not RGB Scart, it is only composite through a Scart connection. For the 360, the RGB Scart is the Advanced AV Cable with an RRP of £19.99.

Component (also known as YUV or Yr, Pr, Pb) is a signal carried by three phono leads (with an additional two for audio). On paper through a standard connection it is ever so slightly worse than RGB, however the superior shielding of component cables over Scarts usually negates this, so for standard TVs component is the same quality as RGB Scart. However, the benefit of component over RGB Scart comes to life if you have a TV capable of progressive scan (known as 480p) or Hi-Definition TV (HDTV - 720p or 1080i) which show a large jump in quality.

VGA is the same as the standard connection used for PC monitors and is found on many plasmas and LCD TVs. Like component, VGA can also carry a progressive or HDTV signal. On paper, VGA (which is another form of RGB) is very slightly better than component, but the difference is barely noticeable.

The VGA resolutions are: 640x480 (4:3), 848x480 (16:9), 1024x768 (4:3), 1280x720 (16:9), 1280x768 (16:10), and 1360x768 (16:9). Also, possibly, 1280x1024 (unconfirmed).

What does the 360 come packaged with?

The two different packs come with different connections. The core pack just has the standard composite lead. The premium pack comes with a two-in-one component and composite cable, so either can be used. Both packs will also come with a Scart block to connect the composite (not the component) connection via Scart.

But I want RGB Scart/VGA?

Then regardless of which pack you buy, you'll need to buy the Advanced AV Cale or VGA AV Cable separately.

How do I connect the audio with the VGA lead?

The official VGA AV lead comes with two phonos for analogue connection to an amplifier and an optical connection for a toslink cable to deliver digital sound (same as the RGB Scart, component and S-Video cables).

What's all this progressive scan/HDTV nonsense?

There is a wealth of information in the Home Cinema forum. Have a search there or on Google. Both offer a significant improvement over 'standard' TV.

How much better is Progressive Scan/Hi-Definition?

Well, if composite was given a quality rating of 1, in my opinion the other connections would rate as follows:

Composite – 1
S-Video – 3
RGB Scart or Standard Component – 4
Component or VGA using Progressive Scan – 7
Component or VGA using Hi-Definition – 10

What do I need to display a progressive or Hi-Definition signal?

A compatible TV or monitor. Any standard monitor will work and give a great picture, but note that all 360 games will be widescreen so a standard 4:3 monitor will have a small display area. Alternatively, you could buy a compatible TV. A number of top end CRT TVs will accept a progressive image via component, but not H-Def (at least not in this country). For Hi-Def you need a Plasma, Projector or LCD TV. But be careful before rushing in to buy one.

What do I need to know about these TVs?

Know that there is a massive difference between HDTV compatible and being able to display a true Hi-Definition picture. The former usually just means the TV can take a HDTV image and covert it back to normal definition (which completely misses the whole point of HDTV). Make sure you check the resolution of the TV. To display 720p the TV needs a resolution of 1280x720 (or about – 1280 x 768 will be fine too) or for 1080i it will need 1920x1080 or similar.

A TV with a 'HD Ready' logo will be fine, although most (if not all) will be 720p only.

Also check the response time of LCD TVs. Games require a low response time (measured in milliseconds) else you will see significant smearing of the image. It's always useful to read other users opinions. Don't just rely on magazine reviews, as these can miss out important details like this.

Which is better, 720p or 1080i?

Miles of webspace have been devoted to this much argued topic. 1080i is higher resolution, but is interlaced as opposed to progressive. 1080i TVs can be more expensive and aren't probably worth the extra. All 360 games will have to be 720p. 1080i is an option although it uses more processing power, so it is less likely to be used.

What is HDMI?

HDMI is a digital connection that can carry HDTV signals. It is similar to DVI (a digital connection used for LCD monitors) and can carry a DVI Digital signal. Unlike DVI, HDMI also carries digital sound. To be 'HD Ready', TVs need either a HDMI or DVI connection with HDCP (see below).

Why doesn't the XBox 360 have HDMI?

Some have said that it's because of the way the 360 displays its signal. However some websites have pre-orders for third party HDMI leads for the 360, although this may just be presumption on the part of the manufacturers. Microsoft don't see HDMI as necessary for the 360 as VGA and Component can carry a HD signal and are available to more people. On many AV forums, the jury is still out on any benefits of HDMI over analogue connections like component or VGA.

Do I need a TV with HDMI?

Not for the 360, although to protect for the future Yes. Sky will start broadcasting next year with HDTV images and you will need a HDMI connection (or DVI connection with HDCP) to receive a HD picture. The PS3's connections are unknown at the moment and it's possible it may need a HDMI connection.

What is HDCP?

HDCP is not a signal or connection. It is a form of DRM (Digital Rights Management) that stops users copying the digital signal sent from a HD device and burning it to a disc. It is irrelevant for games consoles and the 360 doesn't need it, but again to be future proof your TV should have HDCP. Sky Broadcasts and the soon to be released Hi Definition DVDs (Blu-Ray and HD_DVD) all require it.

So if I want the best picture, what are my options?

You have three options:

1.Use a monitor. CRT and LCD monitors can go up to 24” widescreen in size and will display a 720p image from the 360 fine, but not 1080i usually. They also usually lack HDCP which means they won't be able to display Sky HDTV or HD-DVD/Blu-Ray.

2.Buy a Plasma/Projector/LCD that is capable of 1280 x 720 resolution, but isn't HD Ready. It will be fine for the 360, but again not future proof. It depends on your requirements. If you are after a display for the 360 only, then you might find a TV like this cheaper than option 3.

3.Buy a 'HD Ready' TV. It won't improve the picture of the 360 any more than the other two options, but it is the most future proof of the three.


Can it connect to my home network?

Yes, it has an Ethernet port on the back to connect, and it will be able to stream music, and pictures from your XP PC using an XP Update, or videos as well from your Media Center PC.

Can it connect wirelessly to the internet for games and streaming?

Yes it can connect for games to any A, B or G network fine with the Network Adapter or presumably some sort of bridge device. It seems it will only stream wireless from an A network however. It also seems that it will only stream music and pictures on an XP machine, and WMP9 video on a Media Center PC.

Can I FTP to it to put my music on?


Xbox Live

Is Xbox Live the same? Is it free?

There are two variants of Xbox Live this time – Silver and Gold. Silver is free to everyone, includes access to the Marketplace, with gamer profiles, voice and text messaging, video messages from gold members, and some massive multiplayer online games. The gold level is paid and includes all of the silver functionality along with online tournaments, video chat, multiplayer gaming, and Live special events.
Silver users are allowed multiplayer gaming access on select days, weekends etc.

Will my current Xbox Live account carry over? Do I need to sign up again?

Your current account simply rolls over to the 360 as a GOLD account and continues as normal as part of the existing subscription, and yes your friends list is carried over to. You can easily set up your Live account on the 360 in the say way you “install” it on a current Xbox, or just by entering your Microsoft .Net Passport, providing it is linked to your Gamertag. To link your .Net passport to your Gamertag, go to www.xbox.com and enter the details. That's it. Linked.

When you get your 360, enter your .net passport and voila. You're on Xbox Live.

Can I use Xbox Live on my old Xbox and the Xbox 360?

Yes you can. Not simultaneously obviously, but you could say play a game on Xbox Live on Xbox 1, and then go and play a game on Xbox Live on 360.

Is the Live interface easier and more consistent between games this time?

Absolutely. Every game for 360 has to be Live enabled, meaning you can sign in and access your Friends List at any time, and send and receive messages at any time. You can even voice chat with a friend who is playing a totally different single player game to you.

Pushing the Xbox 360 Silver Button on the controller brings up the Xbox 360 Guide. For Xbox Live users this brings up the Xbox Live Blade by default, allowing you to manage invites, friends list etc. You can also see recent players for all games, and their reputations (based on feedback, think like eBay) and GamerScore (points awarded for game completions both in single and multiplayer).

A new matchmaking system is further concreted by Gamer Zones – people picking one of four zones to “live” in to help them get matched to people with a similar gaming attitude where they can then by matched further by ability. The zones are broken down into R&R (casual), Family (suitable for all), Pro (play for rank/score/competition), and underground (glitchers/lamers or as MS is calling it, “Anything goes”).

You can also see what Friends are online recently, when they were last online, what games they have played, what they have completed in each game and compare that to your own stats. If you want you can disallow people from seeing this information from you.

What about the price of Xbox Live Gold?

Expect similar pricing to Xbox Live today, with various deals. Live can be purchased via credit over the counter though so a credit card is not needed, as can Xbox Live Marketplace Credits.

Can I play an Xbox 1 game on 360 against people playing the same game on Xbox 1?

Yes, provided it is supported by the 360's backwards compatibility.

Can I use any type of headset?

Yes, as long as it has a 2.5mm jack on it, such as the Xbox 1 headset.

What is Xbox Live MarketplaceMarketplace?

The Xbox Live Marketplace is where gamers will find all of their downloadable content. This includes demos, HD trailers, skins, themes, images for gamercards, and their download history. MS has hinted at people being able to “sell” their custom artwork/designs for certain games although they’ve not elaborated much on this.

***How can I get USA and Japan Marketplace content?

Create a Profile for USA Marketplace Downloads.

Sign out of Xbox Live.
Go to "Join Xbox Live"
Select "Join Xbox Live"
Enter a Gamertag and wait for it to check availability.
Select "No, Create One" to a Passport Network Account.
Choose the Country for content you want to download ie: USA. Then enter Language and Birthdate (can be any).
Enter a VALID email address.
Enter a password, confirm it, then select a Secret Question and Answer.
Enter a First and Last Name and a Phone Number - can be anything as long as it is valid format ie. I used 11225554477.
Accept the Terms of Use.
Select a Free Silver Membership.
Enter anything for Address 1 and City.
For State select California.
For Zip Code select 90210.
Pick any GamerPicture.
Pick and GamerZone.
Choose Yes or No to receive spam.
And again.
Select a Device for Storage and wait while it creates your membership.

You’ve done it, you can now download USA Marketplace content. You can view it anytime through any profile through the dashboard.

Create a Profile for Japan Marketplace Downloads.

Sign out of Xbox Live.
Go to "Join Xbox Live"
Select "Join Xbox Live"
Enter a Gamertag and wait for it to check availability.
Select "No, Create One" to a Passport Network Account.
Choose the Country for content you want to download ie: USA. Then enter Language and Birthdate (can be any).
Enter a VALID email address.
Enter a password, confirm it, then select a Secret Question and Answer.
Enter a First and Last Name and a Phone Number - can be anything as long as it is valid format ie. I used 111555222
Accept the Terms of Use.
Select a Free Silver Membership (the one at the bottom, Yen 0).
For Postal Code enter 1703293 (that is Tokyo).
For everything else just enter anything.
Pick any GamerPicture.
Pick and GamerZone.
Choose Yes or No to receive spam.
And again.
Select a Device for Storage and wait while it creates your membership.

You’ve done it, you can now download Japan Marketplace content. You can view it anytime through any profile through the dashboard.

Tell me more about these Gamercards then. How do I get one?

What, you mean this?

It is an easy way to identify you in the Xbox forums, but also to contain your Gamerscore, a picture identifier, and your reputation. It allows you also to see what games people have played, and what achievements they've got in each game.

Here is an example. Click one of the games played on the right, and you can see how they compare with you in that game. Click the "More" button and you see a comparison of how many different games you have played, your Gamerscores, and a breakdown of which games you have made what progress in.

You can get one now in preparation for the 360.

To get one, go to Xbox.com to sign up. You need a Linked .Net Passport and Xbox Live Gamertag. If you don't have Xbox Live, you can use this process to reserve one for the 360.

How do I get that Gamercard in my DVDF Sig?

You can't have the official one in your sig as it breaks Forum T and Cs. See here for more info: http://www.thedvdforums.co.uk/forum...ad.php?t=403393

Use this link if you want one: http://www.*********************/xbox/

So the Gamerscore basically rewards my achievements in games. What if I do them offline then go online? Will they be uploaded?

If you have an online enabled account, and are playing offline, the next time you go online then your achievements are uploaded.

However, if you are not connected and earn a bunch of achievements and your hard drive dies or whatever and you have to recover your account, then it pulls down the latest copy of your achievements from Xbox Live - the last lot which you logged in to upload.

What are the Gamer Tiles/Pictures

Basically avatars for your Gamercard. There are some default ones, more preinstalled on the Hard Drive, some come available when you play certain games, and others are unlocked when you progress in certain games.

Can I have custom ones?

Yes you can have anything you can take a picture of with the Xbox Live camera? These will only be available to friends though, and you must have a "general" one for non-friends (in case you take a pic of something offensive).

Xbox Live Arcade - not on them crap discs is it again?

No, it's built into the Xbox Dashboard this time. If you download a game, you can download it as many times as you want if you keep deleting it also, and it plays off the Hard Drive or a Memory Card. Each game contains 200 Gamerscore points as well.

What games are on Xbox Live Arcade?

These are the launch games, for pay download.

Bankshot Billiards 2 (1200 points) - pixelStorm, Inc.
Bejeweled 2 (800 points) - Popcap Games
Gauntlet (400 points) - Midway Home Entertainment
Geometry Wars Retro Evolved (400 points) - Bizzare Creations
Hardwood Backgammon (400 points) - Silver Creek Entertainment
Hardwood Hearts (400 points) - Silver Creek Entertainment
Hardwood Spades (400 points) - Silver Creek Entertainment
Hexic HD (full version included free with Xbox 360 System) - Microsoft Game Studios
Joust (400 points) - Midway Home Entertainment
Mutant Storm Reloaded (800 points) - PomPom Games
Outpost Kaloki (800 points) - Wahoo Studios
Robotron 2084 (400 points) - Midway Home Entertainment
Smash TV (400 points) - Midway Home Entertainment
Wik: Fable of Souls (800 points) - Reflexive Entertainment
Zuma (800 points) - Popcap Games

Hexic is promised to be bundled with the Premium pack, and all Hard Drives that are bought seperately.

2100 points will set you back £17.50, with a Theme costing around 150 points and Gamer Pictures costing 20 points each on Xbox Marketplace.


Updated 05/10/06.

Feel free to contribute.

Thanks to Brats for the High-Def information
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