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Question Plagued with slow speeds

I've been having problems for ages since upgrading to MAXADSL basically when I was first on the service I was getting speeds of between 500 - 800k /sec and that was fantastic but that was short lived and then came the reality. I was one of the first to get maxadsl so was all good in my part.

Now here's the problems I am experiencing, slow speeds, I assume (and I will post all my configs etc etc from my router at the bottom of this post) I am doing everything correctly and should be getting faster speeds as I connect at usually 4032 Kbps down and 832 up. Now I know its not the ISP as it happened when I was with ace-internet and even now with ukfsn.

Up until last week I tolerated it as I was getting 350 KB/sec and that was me but I know for 100% I should be getting faster than that but now all I am getting is max 175, never ever goes past that as if its a limit.

Now I'll stop boring you with all the groans and moans and post what I need to post for some intelligent person to say I am a tit and that I am infact doing something totally wrong which is making my line go so slow, so here goes:

DSL Status : Up
DSL Modulation Mode : GDMT
Downstream Rate : 4032 Kbps
Upstream Rate : 832 Kbps
Downstream Margin : 2147483647 db
Upstream Margin : 9 db
Downstream Line Attenuation : 55
Upstream Line Attenuation : 29
Downstream Transmit Power : 0
Upstream Transmit Power : 0

PVC Connection

Encapsulation : RFC 2364 PPPoA
Multiplexing : VC
Pcr Rate : 0
Scr Rate : 0
Autodetect : Disable
VPI : 0
VCI: 38
Enable : Yes
PVC Status : Applied

Internet Connection

Login Type: PPPoA
Interface : Up
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :
DNS 1 :
DNS 2 :
DNS 3 :

Encapsulation: PPPOA

VC Settings
Multiplexing: LLC VC (vc is selected here)

Qos Type: UBR

Pcr Rate: cps

Scr Rate: cps

Autodetect: Enable Disable

Virtual Circuit: 38
VPI (Range 0~255) 0

I just reset the router to make sure that it wasn't something on the line and when I conncted it up again I got the same speeds which majorly ****** me off...

So can anyone figure out whats wrong/what I am doing wrong.


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Downstream Margin : 2147483647 db
That looks bit odd!!
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Guest 30504
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if it wants to it will go down to roughly 10db, but only when it wants to.

I forgot to add, sometimes when the phone goes the internet cuts off. We did query BT about this but they blamed the equipment so I upgraded ALL the wires and checked the router and the problem still persisted.
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