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Large memory not so large processor - best optimisation?

I have a Mini-ITX PC running 24/7 that does file and web hosting, print server, download mule, mp3 server etc. It is only a 533mhz (original Epia) processor but I have just upgraded the memory to 512mb as this is the easiest and cheapest upgrade I can do.

What settings in Windows XP Pro would allow me to squeeze the best performance out of it now? I am about to reinstall Windows too, so any tips on installing for performance are welcome.

Are there any bits of software that can use the extra memory to increase performance higher? I have used Ram saver pro on it before but it didn't seem to help (with 192mb of RAM).
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RAM optimising programs are a total waste of time and you should never use them

to give better indication of performance, turn off any unwanted background services you don't need, turn off all the XP fancy display gubbins (smoothed fonts etc), file indexing, tweak the explorer so it doesn't automatically show you folder sizes etc and never, ever install any Norton AV software
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If what you're doing is mainly background services, then Goto System in the Control Panel, Advanced Tab, Performance Settings, select Adjust for best performance, then goto Advance Tab on that, then processor schelduling to background services (I'm not sure how much of a difference this last one would do, but on such as low CPU, turning off the effects would make quite a large difference).
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