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Question DVD Players in France & SECAM

I'm trying to solve this query for my wife who's currently in France. I've searched old threads and generally seem to reach the conclusion that both UK and French DVD players output in PAL, it's just that the normal French multistandard TV sets can handle the PAL input as well.

Can anyone confirm if this is right - and if I take over my cheapy UK DVD and R2 discs to France and connect by Scart all should be OK? Likewise can I buy French R2 DVDs to play back here?

Apart from this site, there doesn't seem anywhere where you can get a straight answer.

Cheers in advance for any help!
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Unlike VHS which played in black and white,imported French dvd's play fine.I would assume the reverse to work also.The only time I would expect a problem would be if you tried to record French analogue tv on a dvd recorder
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