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Self hosting certain web services when you have a dynamic IP address ?

Hi all,

Thought I'd create a new thread rather than derailing the "Passwords..." one.

So my ISP is BT with a dynamic IP address [ technically fixed if I could guarantee not losing the connection ] and I have a domain name, mydomain.co.uk. registered and hosted at a2.

Should it be possible to set it up so that:
  1. Any requests on port 80, 443, x get sent to my dynamic IP address but the rest (in particular SMTP) is still hosted by them ?
  2. And, subsequently, be able to regularly - and automatically - check for changes to my dynamic IP address and update the setting at a2 ?

I'm sure there is a technical term, for at least (1), above, but can't remember what it is exactly and don't want to tell a2 the wrong thing.

TIA for any help.
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