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Originally Posted by Jamiem View Post
I have just been reading through a review of Alexander the Great (Richard Burton version) and I began to think what is the biggest battle scene I have seen in a movie...
I go along with the conventional assessment that Waterloo and War And Peace - same director, of course - have huge and splendid battle sequences. We should not overlook the two Zulu movies - Zulu and Zulu Dawn - both of which have superbly staged battles. So too does The Green Berets. (This must be the first time in living memory that anyone has dared to suggest there is anything good about The Green Berets!)
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I have not seen the modern Hollywood version with Jude Law, but back in the 60s in India I saw a special showing of a dubbed Russian film called Stalingrad (I cannot recall the original Russian title). It had the most realistic and brutal fighting scenes that I have ever seen or want to see. In one scene later in the film, there is a horrifying hand-to-hand battle in the streets where the protagonists use every weapon available, including their teeth.
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