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Late 90's but King of Queens is well worth a viewing.

One of my faves
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Originally Posted by Richie View Post
The first 4 seasons of Roseanne are available on dvd in the UK and all 9 are available on dvd in the US.
I'd never seen them in the shops, but Lovefilm has them
Time to see how well it's aged.
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That Mary Hartman thing is interesting, wasn't aware of it, and was too little at the time for me to recollect now if I ever watched it or not. I watched Soap on late night ITV repeats in the 80s, hence its linked in my brain with the 80s and technically it didn't stop running til the beginning of the 80s so can just squeeze in.

I wonder how many people agree with you aobut it being better than Soap, the reviewers on the Hartman page do but on the Soap page no mention of it really.
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