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[News] Arrow Video Q2 Line-up

Comments attached to the News 'Arrow Video Q2 Line-up' on Film @ The Digital Fix

Arrow Video has unveiled their Q2 2013 release slate which boasts a diverse selection of titles from a variety of different genres. Covering horror, crime, thriller, comedy, blaxploitation and erotica the line-up in full can be found below complete with details on extra features. Release dates are h...

Click here to read!
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Blow Out is a must buy for me as the Criterion is locked to region A. Had been tempted by the French Blu-Ray but apparently it uses an older transfer and not the De Palma supervised one.

And how can I not comment on the cover for All Ladies Do It - Wow!!! ;-)
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I want every one of those bar the Tinto Brass. Curse them!
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That Blow Out cover

The Bava's should be stunning. Foxy Brown too. Good stuff.
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Motel Hell, Foxy Brown and Black Sabbath for me I reckon.
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Who the **** did these Randy Metzger sleeves?


The one for Score is terrible!
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