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[Review] My Mad Fat Diary - Review

Comments attached to the Review 'My Mad Fat Diary - Review' on Television @ The Digital Fix

When I first saw the advert for E4’s My Mad Fat Diary, I cringed. There were mentions of leaving “the mad house”, a caricature of an oversexed mum, a group of beautiful skinny people sneering at a grubby-looking girl in a dressing gown, ...

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Are the group of people she gets in with supposed to be ironically cool and designed to exemplify that the main character doesn't need to be part of that scene? Coz they seem like right ***** in the trailers, so if they are genuinely supposed to be the cool kooky fun crowd then I won't bother, as this will just be another show made by Channel 4 execs for Channel 4 execs and people with black framed hipster glasses.
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