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[Review] Ripper Street: 1.03 - The King Came Calling

Comments attached to the Review 'Ripper Street: 1.03 - The King Came Calling' on Television @ The Digital Fix

Another week on Ripper Street, and if Victorian post-Ripper London didn't look ****** enough already, this episode everyone has cholera and the poo is running in the streets. Or do they?

Yes, you might have mistaken this for a crime drama, but they're turning medical on us, with add...

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Contrary to this review, this show is 'a crock of ****', so bad its almost funny. According to the scriptwriters, striving for authenticity, Victorians spoke like characters in a Monty Python spoof of cod Shakespearean actors. They didn't. The plotting is by numbers. It is almost unwatchable. What a waste of public money.
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