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[Review] We Recommend: Pointless

Comments attached to the Review 'We Recommend: Pointless' on Television @ The Digital Fix

Some of you will already know this show, and those that do will have an intense reaction to it. As clichéd as it is to say, Pointless really is the Marmite of the televisual world — you either adore it and wouldn’t miss an episode, or you think it’s The Worst Show That Has Ever Been Made and ...

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It actually returns at 5.15pm today (13th August) and is episode 59 of 70. Personally I love the show (and managed to get the missus hooked too!). BTW, it's Alexander Armstrong who reads the questions, not Richard Osman. The banter between those two is what makes it for me.

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Love Pointless, although I do tend to have little gluts of watching it and loving it and then getting bored of it and leaving it be for a while.

Nothing can scrape the barrel more, gameshow-wise, than Tipping Point! Those 2p/10p arcade machines made into a gameshow formula. Someone out there is either a genius or clinically insane.
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