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[Episode Review] Goodbye

Comments attached to the Episode Review 'Goodbye' on Television @ The Digital Fix

Easily the show's rockiest run yet, Season Three of Glee has seemed to take a long time getting to where it always wanted to go: which is here. So, for all the peripheral characters stealing screen time from longstanding faves and all the story strands that didn't amount to much, Goodbye
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My understanding is that not all of the characters in question have "really" left and we'll be seeing a lot of New York stuff with Rachel, and probably inevitably Kurt and Santana when they go over to give her someone to talk to.

So I'm not sure I can judge how good a farewell it was until we see who is actually gone. With Tina and Blaine still in the cast, I doubt we've actually seen the last of Mike and Kurt, for example. But if that was the end of Mercedes, then yes, that is a bit of a shame.
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