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Originally Posted by Marv View Post
The UK had the cuts waved years ago. There is no difference between the US and UK versions now. What we want now is a the workprint released on blu ray so we can have all the good bits back in.
Cheers for this info.

Well here hoping that is what "restored" in this edition means
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Good to hear, love this film
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For anyone that's interested I should tell you that my Samsung 4K BD player is having problems playing the 4K disc. It loads, but then I get a static screen, by which I mean an image of static.

The regular BD version plays fine, but the 4K version isn't playing at all.

Anyone else having problems?
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I'am going for the Sonys 4k release. The encoding should be better.
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Checked a few forums and had positive feedback.

"Having had communication with Studio Canal they have confirmed the language selection which is the very start of the loading of the disc on the k8500 won’t load and is not recognised by this player. However, it will play it.

Wait for the disc to get to the ‘white frozen screen’ whilst trying to load. Then give it 10 seconds or so for the ‘white line’ in the middle of the screen to appear. When it has, click OK on the k8500 remote and it will play!

Hope this helps.

This is the same process on all studio canal recent releases. Evil Dead 2 is the same."

I've done this and it now plays perfectly.
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