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Originally Posted by cliff homewood View Post
I still want to, and have indeed bought some from you. Where I am lacking in is quality fare like preacher and sandman, not finding anything of that quality out there at the moment. CUrrently reading Alex Ross's Justice which I am finding very good, and then got a collection of Brook's Strangers in Paradise, as I know its meant to be a comic classic, so have been meaning to give it a try.

I've been hearing about a lot of new SF comcis which for me is really cool and slowly trying them, the most memorable one so far is the female prison planet one, but none have yet to grab me to read past the first TPB - which is how I read my comics.
I've still got a pile of books I have for sale, must get 'round to doing a thread again sometime, things like JSA Golden Age Deluxe, X-Men Legacy: Legion Omnibus, Spider-man Clone Sage Omni, plus about 30 TPB's...
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I gave up on monthly floppies about 5 years ago when my son was born and have mainly been trying to keep up with marvel through the unlimited app , although have pretty much hit a brick wall with secret wars / all new, all different.

However, I've now gone all the way back to the beginning and am reading the first Fantastic Four Omnibus with my 5 year old son and he is loving it. We tend to get through an issue a night. Not sure what to move onto after that but will probably read some early Avengers or Spiderman with him.
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For those that have Amazon Prime, there are loads of Marvel, Valiant & Dark Horse graphic novels available to read for free via their recent Prime-Reading section. The Marvel selection is mostly recent Volume 1's featuring characters from the movies/Netflix shows...
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