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[Blu-Ray Review] Peeping Tom

Comments attached to the Blu-Ray Review 'Peeping Tom' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

50 years later is Michael Powell's film still so depraved? John reviews the new Blu-ray...

Click here to read!
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Urghh! You travel on buses?? Horrid, filthy machines full of disease and deprivation.
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DVD Beaver is of the opinion that Peeping Tom looks "fatally over-digitized and remains the biggest disappointment of the week." Comments, please
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DVD Beaver don't know what the **** they're talking about Jack. Honestly, Gary Tooze has sat through thousands of DVDs and hundreds of Blu-rays and he still doesn't know how to assess a simple transfer, following the most rudimentary criteria for throwing around claims like "hardly any grain, therefore there MUST be DNR".

The absence of grain is not what makes DNR a potentially detrimental process, it's the total lack of detail that comes with overzealous DNR that we should be looking for!

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John Hodson
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Peeping Tom is fine; in fact, better than fine, it's the best it's ever looked on home video, streets ahead of the last DVD incarnation - certain scenes are eye-wateringly gorgeous. Do not hesitate in buying this.
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I no longer post here.
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Anna Massey dead from cancer, aged 73:


Great in this, and also in Hitch's Frenzy (1972), amid other great work.
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I have just ordered the Studio Canal 50th Anniverasay Blu-ray of the film. I have never seen the film istelf and opionion seems to to be very polarised. Those who consider it a third rate exercise in perversion to a classic - some even rate it above Psycho. The latter is not among my favourite Hitchcock films but reading about Micahel Powell's Peeping Tom it looks more realistic and mature. Superb cover art and interesting array of extras to boot.
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