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FIFA 12 Account Issues

Just came off the phone following a half-hour call to EA about my son's FIFA 12 account. Had a quick look about in the threads here and couldn't see anything about this issue so was wondering if anyone else has had any problems with their FIFA 12 Ultimate Teams?

Basically my son signed in earlier to find that his 37000 coins had reduced to 24 coins and that he had 'lost' the 11 players in his team.

Having spoken to EA they said that they have had a number of reports of the same issue and that they would need to investigate the cause and who was responsible...

Anyway, my son had not done any of the usual stupid things link responding to emails / messages to pass on his details and now he has lost all of his FIFA stuff - yet another big waste of xbox points that he used to buy his packs to build up his team. Now we have to wait to hear back from EA to see if there is anything that can be done...
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Sounds like his account has been comprimised...i'd change your xbox live details etc.. just to be safe. can you be certain he hasnt given details away? Children have a tendancy to be a little sheepish when something like this happens
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even the EA details - all the Ultimate Team stuff can be done online, so the Xbox account maybe fine, the EA Sports account may not be
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There are a couple of things that may have happened here.

Account compromised through a phishing site or over Xbox live. It can be quite easy to do with sites looking exactly like the official EA web app site.

A lot of people on the EA forums are reporting that people use EA support chat to move accounts to different email addresses through social engineering.

There's also a couple of glitches with Ultimate team that allowed you to get free or reduced price gold packs. EA have been banning or taking coins/players away from anyone who has done this.

Only if it's the second one will you get anything back. Make sure to change passwords on your xbox live account and email address that's linked to Fifa.

Edit: If you have a EA forums account track down the user JPFlathead and send him a PM. He might be able to find out who the culprit is quicker than EA.

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