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Question Newbie HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Questions/Answers?

I am not sure if these have all been covered so apologies if they have.

No really in a rush as i don't have a hd tv as i bought a new Sony widesceen last year which i love,but wanted some info if anyone can help?

1. HD-DVD or Blu-Ray is this another VHS/Betamax scenario? If so what's the point of bying Blue-Ray if it won't win and vice versa?

2. Will there be a player that does both?

3. Will normal dvd's become obsolete, i don't really want to re-buy all 360 of my dvds?

4. Will hd/blue-ray etc play on a normal widescreen tv, just obviously without the picture quality ( idea could save up for player then tv later on )

Many thanks
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Some answers:

1/2) The situation has the potential to go either way. Fortunately, unlike VHS/Beta, the formats are physically similar (ie. compact disc size) so there is potential for a multiple player - apparently these already exist, but rights issues are stopping their development. It is also possible that one side will "win", and there is a risk you could end up with a largely useless player.

3) Fortunately, HD/BR players will all play standard DVDs (for now), and upscaled DVDs do look very good (not as good as HD, but still more than watchable). Equally, most films will not be released in HD for years yet.

4) Not sure, although since there are unlikely to be any films coming out exclusively on HD/BR DVDs in the near future it would be a bit of a waste of money for now since they could look no better than existing DVDs, if not worse. IMHO it would be better to wait a few years until the HD/BR players are cheaper and there are more films available.
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Thanks R-T-C
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Blu-ray Disc, HD-DVD Disc

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