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Differences between R1 US & Canadian versions

At ChrisRose's excellent suggestion, let's make a list of features missing on Canadian versions. I will update with any additions submitted.

Here are the first examples posted on another thread:

Band Wagon: missing the "Two-Faced Woman" outtake.
Classic Comedies Boxset: The Boxset was never released in Canada, although the individual films were (The ownership of To Be or Not To Be was the initial problem)
Easter Parade: No 2-disk version as the Garland PBS documentary is not licensed for Canada (although it has aired on PBS stations available in Canada)
John Wayne/John Ford boxset: missing "Stagecoach" entirely (the documentary on the second disk is not licensed for Canada)
Wizard Of Oz ultimate 3-dvd set: missing bonus cartoon from 1933.

One of the Garbo films is supposed to be missing a feature, can anyone help?

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Band Wagon, Easter Parade, John Wayne John Ford boxset, Wizard of Oz

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