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Silver PS2 DVD Region X compatibility

So I've got a Silver PS2 and my old DVD Region X no longer works (mine is quite old).

I have read some reviews saying that Region X does work though. Did Code Junkies update their software? If I buy it again now, will it work basically or are the reviewers just full of crap?

If not, is there any software out that makes the Silver PS2 multi-region and gets rid of the green screen?

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I got DVDRegionX delivered yesterday, as I couldn't get the DVDRegionFree part of the Xploder kit to work with my (black) PS2.

My PS2 is one I bought earlier this year, around the time the silver units came out- it has DVD software version 3.02 on it, and has the built in IR receiver- I *think* this makes it the same as the silver internally. So far, DVDRegionX (from play's 2 for Ł20 sale) works fine with region 1 so far (haven't tried my R3s)

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