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Post K Movies II - Marshy2004 Reviews Mega movies Typhoon And King and The Clown

Start Here: Mediacircus' Sassy Girls and Funny Gangsters: An Overview of Korean Comedies

Barry's Korean DVD Review Index ... Its all you need to find what you want!

...ing - Ono

2009 : Lost Memories - Bruce-leroy
2009 : Lost Memories - mrsteve
100 Days With Mr. Arrogant - megatron

Attack The Gas Station- Its clever more than funny
A Tale Of Two Sisters - 68monkey
A Masterpiece In My Life - 68monkey
A Man Who Went To Mars - Mr. Steve
A Little Monk - Mediacircus
Addicted - Mediacircus
A Bizarre Love Triangle - Ono
April Story - Ono
April Story - Jimmyboy
A Perfect Match - Mediacircus
Ardour - Mediacircus
Asako In Ruby Shoes - mr_woo
Art Museum By The Zoo - mrsteve
Art Museum By The Zoo- Shim Eun Ha boosts movie into stratosphere.
A.F.R.I.K.A. - Average girlie Flick
Arahan - Zantarous
- Ono
April Snow
April Snow - Ono

Bet On My Disco - Ono
Bus Stop - Jimmyboy
Bungee Jumping Of Their Own- Josh Watson
Bungee Jumping Of Their Own- Good romance with a daring ending.
Bad Guy - richardp
Break Out (Spark The Lighter) - Recommended Action Comedy.
Barking Dogs Never Bite - Mrsteve
Barking Dogs Never Bite - I love this comedy.
Beauty In Dream, The - richardp

Crazy First Love - Ono
Conduct Zero - Ono
Conduct Zero: No Manners
Ono Loves The Classic
The Classic - Edge
The Classic - Shingster
The Classic - Mediacircus
Christmas In August - Ono
Christmas In August - Wong Fei Hong
Christmas In August - Barry Evil
Christmas In August - I love this movie. A Masterpiece!
The Contact
Chihwaseon SimonI
City Of Lost Souls
Crying Fist - Tigercage
Crying Fist - zantarous

Doggy Poo - mrsteve
Double Agent: Comrade - 68Monkey
Ditto - I liked it
Dance With The Wind - Ono

Fly Me To Polaris - Cecilia Cheung!
Failan - mrsteve
Failan- Barry Evil
Failan - *Sob* *Sob*
Foul King - Mr. Steve
Foul King, The- Endearing Comedy
Friend - popular gangster pic, I just think its well made and told
Fighter In The Wind - Zantarous

Guns & Talks - Bruce-leroy
Guns & Talks-Disappointing
Garden Of Heaven

Harmonium In My memory - 68Monkey
H - Mediacircus
Happy End- Noel M
Happy End- Solid Drama about adultery.
Holiday In Seoul- Watchable film about social misfits
Hi Dharma - MOR Situation Comedy
Happy Funeral Director - 68monkey
Heavenly Soldiers - RomerojpgX

I Wish I had A Wife
Il Mare - - SimonI
Il Mare - mr_woo
Il Mare - Perfect Time Travelling Pic
Isle, The - mrsteve
Isle, The - Kim Di Duk erotica
Ice Rain - richardp

Jealousy Is My Middle Name - Mediacircus
Jakarta - 68monkey
JailBreakers - Shingster
JSA - mrsteve
JSA- Lorenzo
JSA: Joint Security Area- Half of it is really good

Kick The Moon - kcxdev
Kiss Me Much

Love Of South And North - 68monkey
Lovers Concerto - Ono
Love Wind Love Song- Run Of The Mill Romance ... its still good though.
Love Letter - Ono
Love Letter - Modern day Japanese classic, excellent.
Last Witness - Solid whodunnit, love the ending
Love Bakery - Sheepdip
Last Present - Aretak

Madeleine - Mediacircus
My Tutor Friend - Jimmyboy
My Tutor Friend - Mediacircus
My Old Sweetheart - Mediacircus
Marrying The Mafia - Mediacircus
Memento Mori- Jimmyboy
Memento Mori - Barry Evil
Memento Mori - mrsteve
My Beautiful Days- Zombie leads make up this duff Korean Romance.
My Beautiful Girl Mari - mrsteve
My Beautiful Girl Mari - Wong fei hong
My Beautiful Girl Mari- Korean Animation award winner
My Boss, My Hero - Surprisingly good all in one movie
Musa- Epic Like but uninteresting
My Sassy Girl - Lorenzo
My Sassy Girl - mrsteve
My Sassy Girl- Jeon Ji-hyun !!!111
My Wife Is A Gangster - Choppy editing of action and comedy
My Teacher, Mr. Kim - Mediacircus
Teacher Mr. Kim - 68monkey
Marriage Is A Crazy Thing - Intriguing Adult Romance.
My Little Bride - Ono
My Sassy Girl - Zantarous
My Mother, Mermaid - Koku
My Mother, Mermaid - 68monkey
Moment to Remember, A - Ono
My Boss My Hero - BiscLimpkit
Memories Of Murder - bruce-leroy

Nabi - mrsteve
No.3- - JayLunar
No Blood No Tears- Violent heist flick with chicks as the angle.
Nowhere To Run - Flashy and pointless
Natural City - richardp
Natural City - Ono

Oseam - AllIn
OolLaLa Sisters
On Occasion Of Remembering The Turning Gate
Oasis- Excellent Love story between 2 social outcasts.
Over The Rainbow- Barry Evil
Over The Rainbow - Rumbletum
One Fine Spring Day - Well told unconventional love story.
Oh! Happy Day - Ono
Oh! Happy Day - kcxdev
Oasis mr_woo

Plum Blossom - Edge
Plum Blossom - Mr. Woo
Pisces - Mediacircus
Phone, The - Bruce-leroy
Phantom: The Submarine - Jaylunar
Phantom: The Submarine- Wong Fei Hong
Phantom : The Submarine - Dagada
Public Enemy- Bad cop chases serial Killer but very Korean in Flavour.
Power Of Kwangwon Province, The- A watchable character driven film about love lost.
Pease Teach Me Engih- Ono
President's Barber, The - Mediacircus
President's Last Bang, The - odd

Quiet Family, The- Tasteful Black Comedy

R U Ready? - Mediacircus
Romantic President, The - Mediacircus
Ray-Bang - Barry Evil
Resurrection Of The Little Matchstick Girl - Shingster
Reversal Of Fortune - Ono
Rules Of Dating, The - zantarous

Spring Bears Love - Jimmyboy
Save The Green Planet - Jimmyboy
Scent Of Love - Mediacircus
Sex Is Zero - Ono
Sorum - Jaylunar
Saving My Hubby - Ono (Bae Doo-na Rocks!)
Surprise Party - Ono
Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance - Mr. Woo
Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance: Translation Of Final letter
Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance - Dagada
Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance - richardp
Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance- Film-making genius
Shiri - Polished action movie, average
Singles - 68monkey
Spy Girl - richardp
Surrogate Womb, The - mrsteve
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring - 68monkey
Silmido - Mediacircus
Silmido - 68monkey
Spirit Of Jeet Dune Do (aka Once Upon a Time in Highschool) - Ono
Spirit Of Jeet Dune Do (aka Once Upon a Time in Highschool) - Jimmyboy
Silver Knife, The - Jason Buckland
Scarlet Letter, The
Scarlet Letter, The - 68monkey
Sympathy For Lady vengeance

Tube - mediacircus
Tokyo Biyori - Shingster
Tell Me Something - Mr_woo
Take Care Of My Cat - Ono
Take Care Of My Cat - mrsteve
Take Care Of My Cat- The shots of Inchon and Seoul elevate the performances.
Taeguki - mr_woo

Uninvited, The - Ono
Untold Scandal, The - Ono
Untold Scandal, The - 68monkey
Unforgiven, The - Marshy2004

Wife In Romance : Love Bakery, The - mrsteve
Way Home, The - Mediacircus
Wet Dreams - Ono
Wet Dreams - Mr. Woo
Who R U - Mr.Woo
Wonderful Days - AllIn
White Valentine - Ono
Wanee and Junah - Ono
Wanee & Junah- Likeable and entertaining.
Wishing Stairs, The - Mrsteve
Windstruck - Ono
Windstruck - Mediacircus
Welcome To Dongmakgol - marshy2004

Volcano High HK Version - Bruce-leroy
Volcano High-mrsteve

Yesterday - Mr.Woo
YMCA Baseball Team - Shingster
You Are My Sunshine - Marshy2004


Wife Is A Gangster/My Sassy Girl - Mr_Woo
My Sassy Girl/Shiri/JSA/Musa - Unrealnils
My Sassy Girl/My Beautiful Girl Mari - SimonI
Failan/No.3/Barking Dogs Never Bite/Musa/The Isle/Shiri/One Fine Spring Day/JSA - JayLunar
My Sassy Girl/My Wife Is A Gangster/GunsNTalks/Shiri/Xmas In August/Whasango - Mr_woo
Failan/Christmas In August - Wong Fei Hong
Bad Guy and Chihwaseon
Silmido, Old Boy, Good Lawyers Wife - Splinter
My Sassy Girl, Lover's Concerto, Memories Of Murder - GK
Face, Dead Friend and Someone Special - Elliad
8 Mini Summaries and here and here - Jason Buckland

Korean Cinema: The Hong Kong - Barry Evil

Failan/Shiri/Il Mare - Splinter
Korean Thread Review - 68monkey
Ditto and Failan - Mr. Woo

Ono's Top 5 K Babes

My Tutor Friend + My Wife Is A Gangster - Ono
Nabi + Die Bad + Byul + Madeline + Mutt Boy - yyoo

Guardian Piece On K Cinema - Joe91

My Korean Movie Top 10:

1. Christmas In August - ... presenting an image of death in "warm tones" ...
2. Il Mare ... Perfect Time Travelling Romance
3. Failan ... The two shades of Life
4. One Fine Spring Day ... Love Comes and Goes
5. Take Care Of My Cat ... Life is Hope
6. Lover's Concerto ... Lee Eun-joo's Finest
7. Oasis ... Solid Love Story
8. Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance ... Wham Bam, what hit me?
9. Barking Dogs Never Bite ... Bae Doo-na Finest
10. My Sassy Girl ... Jeon Ji-hyun's Finest

I recommend Korean film reviews at


Mediacircus's Homepage

The K Thread Contributors - Compiled By Ono


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Can someone make the original thread a sticky again or put it in Gold? I'd hate two years worth of opinions, reviews and pr0n to be lost to a prune accidentely
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We only prune the off-topic forums. This one will be safe.
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It begins again! Well done, Cirrus888.

Hope to add thoughts on "The Wishing Stair" shortly ( just as soon as it arrives with "Untold Scandal").


My feedback

I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Down it goes, into my belly...
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Just to remind you guys about the bbc radio show Masterpiece - this week it covers Korean cinema: interviews with directors, critics and a look at dvd rooms

Worth a listen, good to hear some of the pleased punters after seeing Old Boy

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What was wrong with the previous Korean thread ?.
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Victim of its own success.... got a bit too big?
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The last thread was getting too big.

darcy reviews taegukgi ... http://www.koreanfilm.org/kfilm04.html#taegukgi

An action blockbuster movie designed to attract veiwers who likes it loud and bloody ... Think shiri action with none of the love plot involved ... but instead you get a brother who does his melodramatic best to save his younger sibling ...

Originally posted by kcxdev
Victim of its own success.... got a bit too big?
You guys have to thank yourselfs for its success ... and your all to blame as well ...

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Hey cirrus888, the Metakorea site has changed into

Personally I think it's a great database for Korean movies.
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Hello new thread.
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dekam - thanks ... I will update the link.
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Hi all,

I just found this forum (and thread) recently because I noticed my site (The-Isle.org) was getting visits referred from here.

Well, just wanted to say a few things:
- dekam, thanks for the praise
- I would greatly appreciate any suggestions concerning the site.
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i finally walked into the asian shop in cheltenham today, which i've walked past for years but always presumed was more of a novelty store and not asian owned etc. so i went in today, and found thousands of vcds and tons of dvds. this is instant delight as i dont like the idea of ordering korean/japanese etc movies from the net due to lack of credit card, postage costs (taxation etc) and waiting for it to arrive.

so just checking what the prices are like in comparison, and whether you guys would use the place

battle royale ii : £12
natural city (w/ metal tin) : £24
2009 ... LE (huge box w/ book) : £35
shaolin soccer vcd : £6
black mask vcd : £4

prices seem pretty good to me (we bought everything on the list except for 2009) considering its just walking up the road. the lady who ran it said she goes to camden's electric ballroom and sells there, so i'm guessing some of you might know her?
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You paid about double the online price for all those Jay - get a credit card man!
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heh with my history? don't think they'll give me one ;D
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You'd be surprised
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well im never employed for long (last job lasted a week, short contract) and im £700 into an overdraft. the fact i went out and spent lots of money today was.. a stupid idea, but one i enjoyed nonetheless.

i'm not likely to buy VCDs that often, as a format i think its ok compared to VHS, but i think £10 is a bit much for it now. i dont mind the £4 on the odd flick tho, and the packaging is rather nice. i saw the films on places like yesasia are a bit cheaper, but from memory postage from asia is massive and slow to the uk? i don't mind paying a few quid more for a classy boxset i know i can walk into town and have that day, rather than wait for it to arrive (if it does, knowing my postal luck) with extra postage to pay etc etc.

and im awfully bleedin tempted by wonderful days for £20 and the 2009 boxset. and a nice print of kill bill when it hits. and black hawk down superbit 3disc. sigh. a credit card would prove too much temptation alas
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Originally posted by JayX
i dont mind the £4 on the odd flick tho, and the packaging is rather nice. i saw the films on places like yesasia are a bit cheaper, but from memory postage from asia is massive and slow to the uk?
Shipping from Yes Asia is free if you spend more than $49 and takes around 5 - 8 days for delivery.

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I dunno....
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Hi Jay
Spend over $49 (£26 ish) at Yesasia (Hardly difficult with all the fantastic titles they stock), and postage is free. As for slow, well once despatched in my experience it's never more than a few days.

Still, as you say, you'd rather not have a cc, and you have the convenience of walking out that minute with your purchase (Which you are paying heavily for the convenience), if you're happy with that - then that's cool No worse than buying CD's from HMV really.

edit - beaten to giving the info by Jimmyboy

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