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Star Trek TNG : Season three

Never bothered with seaon one and two due to the fact that I only got into TNG duting seaon 3, so yesterday I went and treated myself - now on disc two and loving every minute


Is it me or is the picture a little blocky looking ? in places in kinda seems like an old matt painting
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Maybe the R2 copy but my R1 is fine. I'm enjoying it too!
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Stop it with the R1 always being better! The R1 actually looks worse, Duncan - look at the clips in the extras - standards converted from the R1 masters. Even more ugly edge enhancements making the grain worse, those making the encoding worse.

I think I have a reason for it. Season 3 is apparently the first to exist on a digital format - but it's an early digital format so is still compisite with cross-chroma noise. The higher resolution of digital (probably D2 or D3 here) over analogue 1" tape will also make the film stock look like it was - not the best, very grainy.

Don't be put off - the colours are far better than on seasons 1 & 2, missing those nasty analogue NTSC colour hues. They SHOULD have all been remastered, but with such a fast release shedule it looks like Paramount didn't make the time to do so.
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Cheers - could not be arsed wth R1 as I can get the R2 copies for just over £50 do I would be a fool to say not to that

May go back and get 1 and 2 at the end but I was never really a fan - but Season 3 IS TNG and so will get them from there

Cant wait alos for season four - FAMILY is a great episode
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Totally agree - don't worry about S1 & S2. I bought them for the sake of completeness and was going to stop buying them I was so disappointed, but having watched S3 this week I can't wait for S4 etc... it really was a *big* turning point for the series IMHO.
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Where do you get them for ust over £50?

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Have to agree that Season 3 of TNG is where the show finally took off and became a stellar show. Everything just clicked into place in this season and from that point on it never looked back. Sure there were some good stories during the first two years, but Season Three had virtually 26 good episodes, if anything there were probably only 3 weaker stories (Evolution, The Ensigns of Command and Allegiance) but even they were so much better than most of the stuff that had gone before. It is really good to be watching them now on DVD even though as I had previously posted Paramount have slightly botched "The High Ground" episode. Roll on Seasons 4 to 7.
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