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[Blu-Ray Review] The Curse of Frankenstein

Comments attached to the Blu-Ray Review 'The Curse of Frankenstein' on Film @ The Digital Fix

Lionsgate release Hammer's groundbreaking foray into colour on high definition format, with a choice of aspect ratios, some high quality extras, and a somewhat anaemic transfer....

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John Hodson
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I'm spitting blood over this; Hammer Films propaganda appears to have convinced a vast swathe of film fans that not only was 'Curse' shot for Academy, but also a clutch of others in their catalogue well into the widescreen era. Nothing could be further from the truth - Curse, without a shadow of a doubt, was shot for widescreen.

Hammer's misframing of the 1.66:1 is wrong, wrong, wrong - they have framed it with a common centre, when documents show that cinematographers of the era were framing for a common top. That's why the film looks tight towards the top of the frame; it's nothing to do with Jack Asher's competence as a DP, but everything to do with the transfer being badly handled.

Hammer would have us believe that, after several years of shooting films for widescreen, Hammer suddenly turned about face and framed 'Curse' for Academy, thus cirppling the film in a vital market. Hammer's claims make absolutely no sense, either artistically or commercially. What they are doing is attempting to rewrite cinema history, but they are also damaging their own legacy.

By all means present the film in Academy as a curio; but please do not present it as the 'original' aspect ratio and reduce the true AR to the status of a half-baked extra.
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It's no fault of the reviewer, but this is what Hammer's spin has been designed to do all along. Really frustrating to see people believe their erroneous views that this is a 1.37:1 film. Their economy with the truth brings into question everything about the remastering, so can we even be sure this really is the best quality it could be? Their say so is meaningless.

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Alan George
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I think I'll be sticking with my Warner DVD. It's not just the framing issues with this Blu, but weak colour & a soft picture. Oh well that's saved me Ł15!
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