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[Review] Doctor Who — Series Seven

Comments attached to the Review 'Doctor Who — Series Seven' on Television @ The Digital Fix

And so, we come to the end of the first part of series 7 and the end of Amy Pond and Rory Williams as the Doctor’s assistants.

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It pains me to say it, but I actually mostly agree. I did really like Asylum of the Daleks - and I think Jenna is going to be a fantastic addition to the cast. I also liked A Town Called Mercy, but the other two episodes were just diversions.

The plot holes are gaping this year and what is canon seems to have been chucked out of the window. I have my fingers crossed that next year's episodes will see things improve - we certainly have a better group of writers for the next eight episodes.
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Im with you 100% Colin.
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It's a shame because I think Matt is the best Doctor we've had since it was rebooted and when Moffat is on form he can really get the best out of the series but the last couple of years have all been pizzaz and confusion with a few really good stories standing out.

It's all well and good trying to create an intricately woven fabric that really pushes the time aspects of the series to the fore, but when it throws real-world logic out the window and also starts to ignore (or forget) the near-history mythology that's been built up over the last few years I think there's a need to step back and return back to basics.

I'll watch Doctor Who no matter what - I can forgive it a lot, even at the most bombastic points of the Davies/Tennant era and the general public perception still seems solid, but I was expecting a bit more.
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Mehhhh perfectly sums up my feelings on this mini seres. (7a if you will???!!!) Enjoyed Asylum despite its failure to deliver the much vaunted 'every dalek ever' and quite enjoyed the Dinosaurs even with its silliness. Mercy was merely ok, Power of Three was BORING and The Angels, while many seemed to enjoy it, did absolutely nothing for me.

I actually think the weeping angels have WELL outstayed their one trick existence. 'Blink' was a fantastic one off story but the Angels, like the magic wand sonic screwdriver, seem to be able to do more and more merely to fit a particular plot.

I too was also very much looking forward to Moffat steering the show but Im story-arced and timey wimeyed out to be honest (The Doctor dies!!! Ohhhhh really? Kill the character the show's named after? Well, ok, not really. Snooooze) and would just like some straightforward 'base under siege/planet/monster of the week stories. However, if The Doctor is to now become entangled with Oswin Oswald (who he's already seen turned into a Dalek!!!!!!) I see more overriding story arcs on the horizon.

Jenna Louise was impressive in her debut, I do still like Smith in the role and its the 50th anniversary next year so I cling to hope for a return to good old adventures.
I will probaby always watch Who as I have since 1978 but this run of episodes has left me completely underwhelmed.
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I agree on the Angels, they've been made far too powerful and complicated. Even in the original Blink story they should have been kept to the house, it never felt right how got out into the city and could chase for miles... that's inconsistent with the fact they only move a couple of feet at a time when in a room with someone.

This story would have been much more concise, if it stuck to the mansion and the collector; using the book more. That went out of window about half way through in this episode. Maybe it was re-written to 'amp things up' for Amy and Rory's departure.
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I think the problem with the perceived complicated series 6 arc is that is was so badly plotted and slap dash it gave it the illusion of being smarter than it actually was.
The show, whilst having a few great moments here and there, has become for this viewer at least incredibly dull. Matt Smith is fantastic and I hope that the new companion will bring the fun and excitement back to the show.
I loved Steven Moffat's RTD era contributions but his repetition of the same ideas time and time again in his own episodes has fast become stale.

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Doctor Who suffers from the fact that it has to appeal to an enormous range of ages and intelligences.

A programme that is intended to keep everyone from 5 year old children to 70 year old physics professors happy really has its work cut out for it.

The fact that it seems to succeed, albeit with complaints, is quite remarkable.

The problem the writers have is that if they have to stick to canon and produce serious and consistent sci-fi they are going to lose a lot of their audience, particularly the very young.

I think you have to accept that this is, essentially, a children's programme that happens to manage to appeal to a lot of adults.
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Originally posted by qpw3141I think you have to accept that this is, essentially, a children's programme that happens to manage to appeal to a lot of adults.
Well said. I grew up on Doctor Who and just about remember everything from the start of Tom Baker's era onwards.

Rewatching some of these shows now, reveals them to be just as full of plot holes, canon contradictions and hand-waving gobbledegook as today's version.

Just relax and have fun with it.
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I agree with the general consensus, Series 7 has started a little flat. The last Christmas special was a strange beast and did not bode well for this series.

I really didn't like Town Called Mercy, poor Toby Whitehouse after the excellent School Reunion his episodes seem so hit and miss, hated Vampires in Venice, but enjoyed God Complex. I’ve often wondered if his stories are more execution dependent, to capture the appropriate atmosphere. On paper Vampires of Venice should be a cracking Doctor Who yarn.

The Power of 3 was all build up and let down by a very poor finale.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship was fun, but overburdened with too many new characters.

I really liked series 5 and although series 6 had its problems, I enjoyed the main story arc.

I really hope that a lot of the cues for Series 7 are going to be building towards a satisfying payoff. Bringing back the Daleks, introducing Queen Nefertiti and the Big Game Hunter John Riddell, introducing the fate of Oswin, before actually introducing her. Bringing back UNIT with Kate “Lethbridge” Stewart. I hope that instead of Series 6’s convoluted main story, that Series 7 is going to use recurring characters instead. I see a big showdown with the Daleks, hopefully versus the Silurians with Doctor, Nefertiti, Riddell, Lethbridge and Oswin all deployed to save the day.

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