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[DVD Review] Ghost Stories: The Stalls of Barchester/A Warning to the Curious

Comments attached to the DVD Review 'Ghost Stories: The Stalls of Barchester/A Warning to the Curious' on Television @ The Digital Fix

The BBC ran a Ghost Story for Christmas every year from 1971 to 1978, and these eight short films (five from M.R. James stories, one from Dickens, two from original scripts) make up the second, third and fourth of the BFI's five DVD releases and eventual box set. Jonathan Miller's 1968 Click here to read!
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Credit where it's due: Dick Manton was the sound recordist - the actual music for A Warning to the Curious seems to have been sourced mostly or even entirely from György Ligeti's back catalogue.

I'd need to watch it again and take notes to identify specific pieces, but 'Atmosphères' is definitely in there, and possibly 'Lontano' and the Cello Concerto as well.

Ligeti isn't credited, as I recall - so did he even know his music was being cut about like this?
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