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Yeah the colours on the old Shout release are completely fudged, really weird things go on with orange tones in the last third of the film. Shout basically re-released it as a super-collector's edition using both their old and the newer Arrow master, but it appears to have some weird things going on with just porting that over as some of the grabs on caps-a-holic have vertical stretching on them. Shout also stretched the image on their old release. It's a shame because had they just ported the Arrow transfer over with no typical Shout Shenanigans that would have easily been the definitive release of the film because the Shout extras are much more extensive.
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Having now watched the main feature, it's worth a purchase and if you have a previous release a double dip should be considered.

Colours pop, the waxy faces more natural.

Not as processed as the previous Optimum release.
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