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John Hodson
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She Wore A Yellow Ribbon

Just a quick note about Warner's new R1 release of She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, my favourite of the John Ford cavalry trilogy, one John Wayne's very finest performances as Capt. Nathan Brittles, and the very epitome of the Hollywood western.

Warner's have done a decent job here with a very clean print, with the minimum of scratches and dust speckles, that does justice to the Oscar winning colour photography and the breath-taking hues of Monument Valley. The night-time scenes are particularly good, with DVD enhancing detail I hadn't seen before.

I've seen the R2 release - I bought it as a Chritmas prezzie - and it seems superior in every way, with both a much clearer, sharper picture, more vibrant colours and a clear (for a 53 year old movie) mono soundtrack (though the French soundtrack sounds like it's being played on an old phonograph); it's certainly 500% better than my old VHS copy! It bears comparison in picture quality to The Searchers, if not a little better. Bliss.

Extras are limited to biogs, a not too ropey trailer, and a few minutes of John Ford 'home movies' showing himself, Wayne and a drinking pal scouting locations (in a Cantina - where else?)

A must buy for Ford fans, and a bargain (around £10.50 from dvdboxoffice) to boot.

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