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Likelyhood of re-releasing these titles?

I don't know where you all get your information from but after wasting lots of time searching and not really getting anywhere...I sold my dvd collection a while back and now im in a much better position financially I'm slowly (and cautiously) buying a few of my favourites back. Much to my surprise in the space of a few months a spate of 2 disc special edition re-releases have appeared...ronin, scarface, carlito's way, tgtbtu, fifth element, the monty pythons, shawshank, goodfellas (about time!) - the list goes on. Anyway, I have a list of films I've read unconfirmed reports of SEs and a few more that look like ideal candidates for re-issue - anyone know anything about any of them?

heard rumours
Midnight Cowboy
The Graduate
Blade Runner
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Raging Bull
Apocalypse Now (redux)

heard nothing
1984 (John Hurt)
Full Metal Jacket
Elephant Man
The Conversation
Casino Royale
Get Carter
The Sting
Dog Day Afternoon
Mean Streets

post 1980, but still great films!
American Psycho
Donnie Brasco
Good Morning Vietnam
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Kidney Thief
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I doubt The Conversation will be available in any other form than its current dvd incarnation, so enjoy!

Mean Streets has an SE on R1 and very nice it is too... Raging Bull SE R1 due this month...
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John Hodson
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You'll find an SE of Midnight Cowboy coming in R2 this summer (it's already on pre-order for instance at HMV). (There are a few on your list where there's absolutely nothing wrong with the current release VP - Get Carter is a fine edition for instance.)

Worth your while to keep up with this thread - I only post solid information for the 'definite' dates and reasonably solid ( ) info for the rumours and TBC section in the first post.
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Guest 29
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"Casino" is apparently coming as a Special Edition later this year.
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"The Sting" up for SE treatment in 2005
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Donnie Brasco already has a SE in R1 was from Columbia, very good got it a few years ago unlike the UK R2 from EiV barebones.
The R1 is now under Ł10 at most places, list is USD15.

Casino Royale also has a sort of SE in R1. Has around 30 to 40 minutes of features, unlike the barebones in R2. Like many MGM back catalogue titles they leave off the extras in R2 to get in all the European languages. Another is private life of sherlock holmes.
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Guest 15431
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Probably be a SE of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels after the Broadway musical starring John Lithgow opens up in March, especially if it's the big hit it's expected to be.
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Guest 20178
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American Psycho is up for a SE around the time of Bale's Batman stint!
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Guest 4140
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I think I read Dog Day Afternoon was due for a rework this year. I'd like to see Bullitt too out of that early batch of Warner DVDs.
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1984, Apocalypse Now, blade runner, Casino Royale, Chinatown, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Dog Day Afternoon, Elephant Man, full metal jacket, Get Carter, Mean Streets, Midnight Cowboy, Raging Bull, The Conversation, The Graduate, The Sting

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