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The last 6-7 months or so have been Marty Scorsese's year on DVD

I look on my shelf: Goodfellahs, Meanstreets, Raging Bull, The Aviator and previously King of Comedy. All of these have some kind of Scorcese commentary. And as I watch Marty's inquisitive camera delve into the by-ways taken by Robert Richardson and others, and wallow in the music on his mobile phone soundtracks, and wait impatiently for Casino to turn up, I wonder if any other recent film-maker can come close to Scorsese's output ? ...also, where is the Taxi-Driver DVD definitive edition ?

EDIT: Let me at least spell the best director's name correctly

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Bloody Universal. Couldn't they get him to record a proper audio track for Casino? Plus it's double-sided, that sucks.

Yeah, hope Sony will put out a Taxi Driver SE featuring a remastered print and a proper director commentary.

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Goodfellas, King of Comedy, Martin Scorsese, Meanstreets, Raging Bull, Robert De Niro, Taxi Driver, The Aviator

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