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Upcoming shows on History

Hey all,

The wonderful mods here have allowed me to post about an upcoming show on the History Channel that you may be interested in

The show is ‘Lost Book of Nostradamus’ - A book called Prophecy of the Roman Popes, lay hidden in Rome for over 400 years until it was discovered at the end of the 20th Century and may not only contain new Nostradamus prophecies, but may also shed new light on the true meaning of his now famed ones. It will be showing on Saturday 28th March at 9pm

The show will be on The History Channel this Saturday - I think it may interest some of the posters here, with some great insight into the infamous prophet and his predictions.

Also – Tonight at 9pm ‘Life After People’ is showing, journey which charts what could happen to Earth months, years and even millennia if the human race became extinct. Watch buildings crumble, ground water rise and lightning ignite overgrowth, eventually engulfing cities in flames. What species would survive?

Check it out if you get the chance…

You can head to the History site here for more info.

It would be great to hear your feedback on the shows 
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Both shows sound really good will set my box to record them.

Also think it is fantastic that the mods have allowed you to come on here and highlight some shows that I would have otherwise missed.
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Thanks set Life After People to record tonight.
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Damn - I missed the Nostradamus show - any idea when it's being repeated?

Also currently working my way through 102 minutes that changed America. So harrowing but so well put together as well.
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H Dot
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Nostradamus is on History this morning at 11 and at 3pm on History HD
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Cheers! Spotted it after posting and currently recording.

Did anyone else see 102 minutes that changed America?

It would be nice if History posted here more often. I love the channel and would welcome the chance to interact more.
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history, History Channel, Life After People, Lost Book of Nostradamus

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