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'The Game' (Fincher) Criterion edition.

Has anyone heard anything to suggest a special edition of this may be on the cards.
I ask as the special edt of Trainspotting recently released here, contains features from the Criterion edition laserdisc (the commentary) and the DVD is a Polygram/Universal release, as is the current version of 'The Game'.

The criterion laserdisc of The Game is a superb edition, which I never got to get, and still commands a high price, as can be seen here Ł46 at the time of posting.

Screen-specific audio commentary by David Fincher, Michael Douglas and others
Behind-the-scenes footage
Production design artwork
An alternate ending
Original theatrical trailer
Teaser trailer
Psychological test film.
5.1 Soundtrack

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Guest 1764
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It’s not going to happen. It was just a rumour.
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Some David Fincher fan site posted full specs and a street date, supposedly direct from Criterion. Turns out they were just having a laugh.
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Life is just not that good.
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It will probably make it out at some point in the future, but it may turn out to be a looooooong wait.

Annoying because The Game is a fantastic movie and I really want to hear Fincher's commentary
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David Fincher said in an interview last year, there would be no Criterion version out. Can't remember why not.

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damn shame, but at least with the trainspotting release it shows there is hope of criterion releasing the laserdisc extras at some point. it really is a film that needs a better release.
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