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[Blu-Ray News] Comedy on Blu-ray this Summer

Comments attached to the Blu-Ray News 'Comedy on Blu-ray this Summer' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

Universal Studios Home Entertainment have announced four catalogue Blu-ray titles for release in the USA this summer. Arriving on 26th July 2011 is a double-bill of films directed by John Landis and starring John Belushi - National Lampoon’s Animal House and The Blues Brothers. ...

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Looking forward to the Blues Brothers, and reading the spec on Animal House this think caught my eye:
The Music of Animal House: Instantly identify the songs heard while watching the film, create a custom playlist of your favourites and even purchase them from iTunes
Hope this means it has its full original soundtrack
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Wonder if the "lost" song, Sink The Bismark (along with Just The Way You Are and Quando, Quando, Quando) will be included as an extra? Landis said that he would get around to putting in a release of the film, but it's not looking likely...

The Wilson Bros
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