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Tony Danza
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99.6% actually.
But it's kind of pointless to make that statement in the HD forum.......
Let's wait for the day when they release HD material on fully backwards and forward compatible DVD's then come back to the "I still prefer DVD's" thing right here in the HD section

Oh but wait........ I have several HDDVD's which are just that, they work fine in my DVD player. Gee Spectre I guess that makes HDDVD your format of preference.
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I angered a crow
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Originally Posted by scoobyood
I still don't get why some people like the format itself. Forgetting it's potential in the "studio support" arena, it really only has capacity over HDDVD, it's a worse format in many other aspects.
Given the choice of HDDVD's... no region encoding, better quality of films, functioning interactive features, and cheaper hardware VS. Blu-Ray's bigger (but underutilised) discs, interactive features which will make current set-top players obsolete, more restrictive DRM and more expensive hardware...
... then I'm sorry but HDDVD IS a better format.
My thoughts exactly, just basing a decision on studio support is fairly short-sighted, if one format becomes dominant then the other studios will start releasing films for it, so I went for the format that seemed to offer the most advantages to me. Makes more sense long-term, I'd rather have to wait a few years for the release of a few films and end up with a format I'm happier with than go for another format simply so I can see one or two films right now (most of which will probably be re-released once they get the compression and special features working properly)

When I first started buying DVDs a number of the major studios were not supporting it, but they all came onboard after a while.
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Originally Posted by Lee Rose
Does my player have a suicide switch for if that happens then?????
that line cracked me up
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