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"Great" Isambard Kingdom-Brunel Cartoon (1975)


Does anyone else bar myself remember seeing this? Id really love to get hold of a copy but I cant find it anywhere

Such a shame because I thought it was excellent when I saw it on a ropey VHS copy about 10 years ago at school

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Yup, I remember it. Even got it on tape from years back when Channel 4 used to have animation seasons. How things change...

Anchor Bay had it on VHS, but I think that's out of print now:

Great won the Oscar for best animation short in 1975, and you can read some of Bob's thoughts behind it here:

Some technical stuff about it is on the Big Cartoon Database:

Not a sign of it on any DVD, but the Animation Research Centre are currently cataloguing (?) Bob's work, so you might want to ask them:
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If only! I'd love to see someone do a complete set of Bob Godfrey's short cartoons – not just his masterpiece Great, but The Do-It-Yourself Cartoon Kit, Watch the Birdie, Karma Sutra Rides Again, Polygamous Polonious, Dream Doll, Henry Nine-to-Five... Bonus material could include extracts from his 1974 BBC series The Do-It-Yourself Film Animation Show. This would make a great project for a company like Network, or even the BFI. Maybe Bob and his colleagues (Stan Hayward for example) could get involved with commentaries etc. Currently, AFAIK, all we have on DVD is Roobarb and Henry's Cat.
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I remember seeing this as the b-movie to 'The Return of Captain Nemo' at my local cinema (was better than the feature!).
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I saw it as the b-movie to the remake of King Kong.
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Bob Godfrey, cartoon, Dream Doll, great, Henry Nine-to-Five, Isambard Kingdom-Brunel, Karma Sutra Rides Again, King Kong, Polygamous Polonious, The Return of Captain Nemo, Watch the Birdie

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