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This "it's a fantasy film so anything goes" is a rubbish argument that always gets thrown about. A certain base level of 'realism' helps the audience accept the more fantastical elements. If "anything goes" just because a film has a fantasy element I assume you'd be happy if halfway through Jack had a fight in a spaceship against a unicorn, after all it's only a fantasy film eh?

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Originally Posted by Harsin
just because a film has a fantasy element I assume you'd be happy if halfway through Jack had a fight in a spaceship against a unicorn, after all it's only a fantasy film eh?
Hasn't that scene been kept back as a deleted scene for the extended edition?
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Anyone think the reviews of the dvd transfer are over rated. I don't think the scenes with the captured kong in the theatre hold up very well at all. The jungle scenes do indeed look great but the sequence i mentioned has a blocky look to the background. Maybe something to do with the stage lighting in the background. Nowhere near as good as Titanic SE in my opinion
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Just saw it tonight with Mr and Mrs Anderson.

i thought it meh. to expand, didn't get the whole "love" thing. its a gaint ape, why go and let it carry you around and it would be FREEZING in central park and she was just in a small dress.

loads of the cgi was obvioius to me, backgrounds not looking like they were there at all. the insects were NASTY.

dad thought it a good film about a woman getting on touch with her animus (some phsycology term) and mum asked if we could stop half way through so she could get us some dinner and watch casualty - which we all agreed sounded like a plan

so, glad i have seen it, i do like jack black in itand the chap who played gollum is good in both his parts. But not one i'd want to see again


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I just got round to watching this and it was fantastic. I thought it was the best Kong film I have seen. I can't fault the CGI and the picture quality was one of the best I have seen on my projector. The only thing that would have made the DVD better would be a DTS audio track. Andy Serkis was also good as lumpy and Jack black was better than I was expecting.

My favourites scenes are the T Rex fight and the Biplane seqeunce. The surrounds were made to good use.
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Jack Black, King Kong

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