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Tony Danza
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This is a shame. Understandable points Colin. Sounds like this forum is a constant pain in your ass.

.. hoping to not further the pain... I tentatively wondering if I can make a small request or two or three... or four.. .

Can you move the cool picture thread to photography section. The youtube moments thread to TV section and move the electric car thread to Computing? It's not really computers as such, but there's no general technology sections.. the computing section is fairly dead. Maybe rename it 'Computing and Technology'. I've had some decent conversation in the EV thread and I think it's might be handy to reference posts as
more people get those cars.

I'm imagining you'll say no as everyone will then make similar requests, which is fair, but those would keep a few of the fairly benign threads going.
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Originally Posted by Marts62 View Post
Oh, thanks for letting us know, Colin. When I couldn't see the GD forum, I thought I had been inexplicably banned.
Not just me then ... phew.

It is a shame that the General Forum has gone completely for the sake of a few individual threads - some of which were IMHO deliberately started purely to get a rise out of certain posters. I would have said that the other 99.99% of threads in the General Forum had no issues at all.

I would agree with earlier posts about the possibility of at least making it read only and/or searchable. The General Forum was a mine of useful information.

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That’s a shame but I don’t blame you!

I wouldn’t post in certain threads due to the fact that they would easily get heated.

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Originally Posted by ColinP View Post
Point proven.


Nothing I haven't said to you before. A number of times.

I don't want to leave with a sour taste Colin, I really do wish TDF well and hope at the least it brings you some personal joy. Something that's been missing from your time spent working on the forum for the last few years.

To all I've laughed with, rubbed the wong way, debated hotly and maybe helped with the odd post. I wish you all well, I actually have tear in my eye as I type this as it's the end of a long-time here. I've loved this place, but that was then.

Maybe we'll bump into each other on another forum. Any AVF members? Over there I'm Sloppy Bob.

Bye all.
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There are also lots of travel threads that could maybe be moved to another section?

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Slanted and Enchanted
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Such a shame, especially as most of us left have been here for 20 odd years.
But no-one has the right to criticise Colin's decision, it's his perogative when it comes down to it.
I've never felt the need to report a post, despite some obvious massive personality clashes... When it comes down to it the majority of us are just random folk on the internet who will never meet.
Personally I'm gutted, and I would love a different outcome, but completely understand
"This golden age of communication means everyone talks at the same time."

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Indie Author
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It would be a shame if the forums disappeared. I've been posting and reading on here for 20 years and whilst I don't always agree with everybody, I've never felt the need to report anybody. I find most people are happy with a debate and even if it sometimes descends into a minor argument, that's fine.

However, I find it sad that Colin is subjected to hate mail and death threats. Incredible how people can become so angry at an online spat. Really sorry to hear that you have to put up with this kind of thing, Colin. It's been a pleasure to be a member here for so long and I appreciate all you have done for the site. I hope the forums can continue but respect whatever you decide to do.

Best wishes to all - life's hard enough at the moment, we don't need any more problems.
"Well I feel like pickin' a fight with anybody who claims they're right"

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Egomaniac / Snowflake
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Originally Posted by driver8 View Post
Yep - all the posts are still there, just that the GD root has been hidden.

I'm not deleting anything and I will happily reinstate it as an archive soon.
ColinP, Administrator
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I like the idea of some threads being moved to other existing or new areas, i.e. Holiday/Travel, DIY/Home Improvements, Collectibles/Memorabilia, Funny/YouTube Moments, etc?

Basically splitting out some of the good elements of the General Form?

Not sure how easy it would be to do that?

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First off thank you Colin for hosting it as long as you did. That people attacked you off forums is beyond belief.

Tht said this is a very sad day. I've been on these forums for over 20 years and it is the only bookmark I carry forward when i build a new rig.

I accept that a small number of people were abusive and should have just been banned, as it is the general population suffer because of them and a comfortable place where we could have a laugh, see what what new on youtube or just put a "Hey guys i discovered this today I think it's pretty cool" post has gone.

It feels a bit like the loss of an old friend.

Every day life seems to lose more of its shine.
"Nobody Can Fully Understand The Meaning Of Love unless he's owned By A Dog" - Gene Hill
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Sad day, and I have to say seems a bit of an overreaction. I can see why it was a drain on resources but it just needed moderating properly. A case of punishing the many for the actions of the few I feel.

I very rarely visit any other element of the forums but came to the general form daily for some very insightful and informative views on a wide range of subjects in amongst the pointless bickering.

Colin, I understand your position but I think this is a mistake for the forums. Had a moderating team been put in place the quality of the content would have improved along with the popularity of the forums, but as it stands I think you will lose a lot of contributing members as a result.

As a member for almost 20 years and someone who has not partaken in any of the childish bickering, I will miss these forums that have become a part of my daily routine for many years, but my incentive to visit is now gone so it’s ‘so long, and thanks for all the fish’ from me.

Ds3 over and out.
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Having had members on here try to contact me and family members off forum, I have every sympathy with Colin’s unwillingness to carry on.

That said, I can’t really understand why the moderator elections didn’t happen as deleting a few posts here and there usually does the trick and keeps stuff on track.

I think robust political debate is good, but the vitriol and anger at people with different views is really crazy especially when it results in abuse offline.

The only time I ever “rose” to it all was when being accused of being racist, which is a serious slur and untrue. It’s at times like a proxied argument with someone else as the replies didn’t match the original post in terms of tone and vim.

Colin - serious suggestion... why not reinstate the politics ban, reopen the forum and install a couple of mods. You’ll probably enjoy it more with others doing the work.
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The Bear
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Originally Posted by basegreen View Post
Colin - serious suggestion... why not reinstate the politics ban, reopen the forum and install a couple of mods. You’ll probably enjoy it more with others doing the work.
Another option would be to put the politics stuff as a sub forum within General Discussion called Current Affairs. All the topical stuff can be hidden away there. Anyone who can't stop bickering once warned by a mod simply gets a 30 day ban from that sub forum (to be agreed with by two/three mods depending on however many are appointed).

That way they still have access to the rest of the forums. Repeat offenders can get longer bans, culminating in permaban from the sub-forum. If they bring it to the main forum then they get banned from the rest of the forums too. Simple.

Colin - It's clear you need to step away from moderation and appoint a small team to take away that stress from you. I've definitely got thick skin and couldn't care less if someone I've never met sends me abusive messages! I've banned plenty of people before on a other forum, and I use a VPN so no chance anyone can find out who I am or where I live. Stuff em if they can't play nice!

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That sounds like a good idea. Would need active admins to make sure people don't start political threads in the General Discussion area, or if they do so, move the thread to the Current Affairs sub forum.
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Ellis Retire!
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Thanks for all your hard work Colin, sorry you've had people giving you grief.

Abuse offline for a message board content, really? Do people really get that worked up?
Up the Villa!
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I echo the gratitude others have expressed for you Colin. Really hard to believe some have gone as far as to threatening you and yours, over words on a message board.

Shame it's come to this but if it has to be done so be it.

All the best
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I sympathise. On another forum where I am "one of the team" we do have Politics, Brexit, forums and they also involve far greater management effort than any other - well maybe Football goes in there as well.

We do get some abusive contributions on topics where there are highly opinionated "fanbois" - LCD/LED vs OLED vs Plasma; this game console vs. that; etc., as well. But it's all "traffic"........
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Gutted. The forum and its members have been a massive help and support to me over the years and I will miss the generally friendly and helpful advice received. I don’t think I ever felt the need to report a post or user. The block user function was always great until people quoted that user though.
Sorry to hear you have had such a hard time from this Colin, I can fully understand why you have pulled the plug, life is too short to take abuse like you’ve been getting from strangers., maybe one day you will feel happy to have the GF running again with some community moderators in place.

PS anyone recommend another decent forums with active General Discussion Forum?

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Gutted, just came back to the forums as I am completely put off social media. General seemed like heaven compared to toxic twitter.

I don't think I've ever reported a post unless it was spam, not sure why people have that mentality. If you don't like what is posted, ignore it.

Sad to see someone upset Colin enough he has to take this action.
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I'm sorry Colin, but you've just killed the forums, the rest of it gets hardly any traffic, having said that, nor did General compared to years ago.
I come here for the forums, I click through and read articles sometimes when I'm here, and use affiliate links from time to time, when I buy something.
No forums, the rest falls down for me.

You have closed the forum because of 2 or 3 members clearly trolling and, at times, being abusive. This was discussed 2 or 3 months ago, you said you were putting new mods in place and you didn't. The members involved should have been banned, or banned from the general forum, and because you didn't, this has happened. There were plenty of members offering to help out, it would have taken 2 minutes to set a poll up, and 5 minutes to change the member statuses to mods when the result was in.

Even if you don't have time to deal with the reports, where are the other mods, why aren't they dealing with them? Theres a couple still active I believe?

What a shame that 2 or 3 sad individuals who think they are clever, but in reality are just sad little tossers, have caused the death of a forum many of us have been members of for 20 years.

Thanks for the last 20 years Colin and all the members I have spoken to in that time, but I'm out now
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