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Fish Tank

So has anyone seen Fish Tank yet?

A powerful British made flick although judging by numbers in the screening I was at yesterday I can see why they're not made for the big screen that often

Must buy it on DVD though because I think I drifted off at a crucial part in the film for a few minutes! (Not because the film was boring, just because I was knackered from work and the cinema was boiling!). Spoiler below if anyone can fill me in.

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Is it really that good?

This has been getting a lot of good press, and I was tempted, but hesitant because I loathed Andrea Arnold's last, Red Road, despite the lovey press reviews (I also saw that at the cinema). Also another British 'council estate' movie is exactly the kind of thing the right-on press go all gooey eyed over anyway.

I remain curious, and could be swayed..
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I'm considering seeing this but as above the whole ethos of depressing movies puts me off. I can't most of the overhammed depressing stuff which get ridiculous reviews in the UK "smart press"
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Yes, it's pretty grim and depressing stuff, but generally engaging. It's as grubby and unpleasant as Red Road, but very watchable. I saw it in a packed cinema this afternoon (maybe not too representative as it was in Andrea Arnold's home turf - Greenwich) and am glad I made the effort, although I can understand why people might be put off by the grimness of such a film - it's all a bit like Ken Loach without the car chases
It reminded me of how far we've come to see such a scuzzy, potty-mouthed film - where young girls routinely use the C word - rated a 15.

@ Johnr, post #1:

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Finally caught up with this yesterday and thought it was fantastic.
Certainly depressing at times but also very moving.
Great performances all round and wonderfully directed.
Wasn't a massive fan of Red Road so didn't expect to love this quite as much as I did.
Checked IMDB to see what Arnold was up to next and - gulp - it's (yet another) adaptation of Wuthering Heights, although probaly one where Heathcliff has a massive coke habit and Cathy is the town prozzie.
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This was excellent.

Very grim, though you could ask do we need one of another of these kind of brit films telling us how **** some people are? But I thought there was hidden beauty to it all, and the sense of what is around the corner - literally the street corner - kept me glued.

Much more under the skin than any of Shane Meadows' pics. And this film manages the Jake LaMotta trick of making the main character likeable and unlikeable.

The camera work and setting was stunning I thought for such an awful eyesore of an area.

That said you could drive up to a few dozen streets in the UK and see this stuff for real without renting a disc.

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Saw this back when it came out at the cinema. Like others have said it's very grim but also a very good little British film.

I've seen it in passing on here accused of being 'poverty porn' but I'd say it was anything but. The setting of the council estate is really just the context Mia's story occurs in. I don't think there's really any intention of saying anything profound or 'challenging' about British poverty.

I also can't think of a better central female performance in any film than Katie Jarvis in this. It's probably fair to argue it's a bit of a case of a 'playing yourself' type role, but it's the central and crucial role that carries the whole (of a very good) film. If it was my choice I'd give her the best actress Oscar for this.
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Fish, tank

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