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Mark Orme
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Help! Adjustments on an old Sony CRT (KV28FX60)

I've just inherited a 5 year old 100Hz SONY FX60 and I know that they've got a reputation for possibly having bad geometry. I've visited the KV32Tweak website and played around in the service menus.

The problem that I have (and I'm sure it's been similar since new. My Father-in-law bought it originally) is it going slightly out of focus in the corners, and any text on the screen looks blurry, whether it's station dogs, ticker tapes or even menus from a PVR/DVD recorder.

As I mentioned, I've made a few adjustments and the colours much better than it was, but I haven't found anything that improves the blurry corners/text. Any pointers?

As the TV was free, I wouldn't mind calling out someone to have a look at it if I thought that they could make it OK, but I presume that they would just use the service/production menus too.

Should it be the kind of thing that a TV engineer could fix?

This telly looks great until I turn it on. (I'll never know how he lived with it for so long with everyone looking like Judith Chalmers)
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