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help me choose a wireless media link

looking to link the media files on my pc to my tv and stereo to be able to wirelessly watch movies that I have stored on my network and mp3s etc.

looking around, most of them seem quite happy to say they'll play mpeg video, but what I really want is one that will play divx and xvid avi files and none of them I've seen seem to want to tell me they do this.

so any hints folks?

Have an x box with wireless bridge there already so could possibly use xboxmediacenter etc, but really don't want to chip my box as I play on live a lot and they take a dim view of this sort of thing


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The Hauppuage Media MVP plays Divx, it's been in the Bargain Forum a few times (and I have one in my thread http://www.thedvdforums.com/forums/s....php?t=355322), think it should support xvid (though not tried this), as well as mp3 and wma

Or buy another xbox?
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