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Magic Eye have problems setting it up

Hi, can anyone help me with this setup.

I bought a magic eye tv link from ebay and tried to install it today, i got 15m of sat cable and the right connectors and it works fine when i put it without the Tv link, but when this goes in it still works but i cannot control it via a remote. I've changed the RF settings as you are told to do. What else could be the problem? It's one peice of cable to i doubt it's that as i can view the picture with it.

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Does the red light come on? Make sure your connectors are fixed tightly and that the thin wires actually touches the connector casing but not the thick center wire.
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Looks like the cable or plug-ends aren't passing the 9V reqd. to operate the channel change...

These things are the biggest waste of time/money and effort out there IMO.

There are so many things that can stop them from working correctly. Junction boxes/boosters can affect the passing of the 9V, plus a lot of faceplates also helpfully block the 9V...I notice you mention just using a length of cable, so I would put it down to the cable itself, or the plugs on the end...

I would strongly advise getting a wireless video/audio sender instead and using its IR relay ability...

I picked one up from Di(cks)xons for a mere Ł20 and was up and running in about 5mins...
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What is a Magic Eye? And What does it do?
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