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Originally Posted by Koku
Has anyone who ordered this set had a chance to look at the quality of the subtitles. Thinking of getting this as a present for someone so would appreciate your thoughts, ta!
The subs for 1 and 2 are the same as those used on the HKLs releases; both a good and bad thing.

Part 3's subs are pretty good; the odd mistake but much better than any other set of subs I've seen.

Part 2 has all the juicy Japanese footage in which combined with the really rather good presentation of PS3 should mean it's a must buy for Chan fans. Be warned though that mono Canto soundtracks for 1 and 2 are, dependent on your ears, slightly or majorly out of sync

As is the IVL Project A set which has 20 mins of deleted scenes including the mega R@RE thought-to-be-lost-forever-and-a-day-much-rumoured-barely-seen Biao gymnasium fight

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I reeeaaaaallllllyyyyyy want to order the PS trilogy and Project A sets now, but am hanging fire to see if there's gonna be the Korean version that are really nicely packaged (like the ABT and Bruce Lee sets).

Does anyone know if these gonna happen ?
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I'm sure only the ABT and Bruce Lee box sets are coming from Spectrum F_Drew. I've not seen or heard anything else about further releases.
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Fantastic news, ta muchly Peter UK!
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