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Sean, Sean, SEAN!
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!!! (Chk Chk Chk) - Louden Up Now - CD Times Review

Review here of !!!'s (also known as Chk Chk Chk) debut album LOUDEN UP NOW

Anyone else like it?

Oh..and there's a competition to win a Special limited edition of the album here
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Been playing this in the car this week.... Dosen't half sound like an Happy Mondays remix album.

No bad thing though !(!!)
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Enjoyed this band for a long time now, since they were just a little underground band that the punk rock kids were allowed to dance to without being embarrassed. In fact I remember before anyone knew how to even pronounce it so used to just called them "exclamation exclamation exclamation"! Chk Chk Chk seems to have been settled on now but I remember in an interview a while ago the band said any noise repeated three times (ie. wap wap wap, pow pow pow etc) would all do!

They have a song on the "Michigan Fest 2" DVD (great DVD if anyone's interested!) and the whole place is dancing!

EDIT: Sorry to be pedantic Raphph, but "Louden Up Now" is actually their second album. They had a self-titled album released on GSL in 2001.

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I thought 'Me And Giuliani...' was one of the best singles of last year. I'm really enjoying Louden Up Now, they've obviously got a little more settled with the dance side of things. Nic Offer is still the worst vocalist ever though.

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