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Enfield UGC

Went to the Enfield UGC to see "Underworld" with my dad (he wanted to see Beckinsale in PVC who wouldn't!!!) only to discover to my outrage that the cinema had upped its rating to an 18 !!!!
We went to the manager and he said that although the film is a 15 they (the cinema) reserve the right to up any film's rating and decided to up "Underworld" to an 18 because of trouble they have had recently.
In the end we had to go to the Lea Valley UCI and pay £12 instead of £5.90 at the UGC !!!
Are they saying that they are having trouble with teenagers in certain films and if so are there no longer gonna be any 15 rated films in that cinema?
I am 15 btw just in case anyone thought I was trying to sneak in.
Any one else know of any case when a cinema has upped the rating of a film for any reason?
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Back in '98 I got some tickets to see a preview of Con-Air, a film I'd been looking forward to see for months. I got the tickets as part of a promotion in Empire magazine (which refered to the film as an 15 certificate). Once we arrived we noticed that the showtimes said that it was an 18 certificate. As I was 16 at the time I was stopped at the checkpoint. My dad then calmly explained to the manager (who we asked to come out) that the film was a 15 according to Empire who were the ones sponsoring the viewing. The manager was adament that it was an 18 but eventually relented and said if my dad claimed I was 18 then he'd have to take his word for it.

"He's 18." my dad replied. And we were let straight through. As if to rub salt in the wound, when the BBFC rating came up it displayed a 15 certificate.
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OMG! it's full of stars!
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goonerforever - Please look at the other side of the coin. A heck of alot of people here are sooo fed up with teenagers completely ruining movies we go to see because they can't keep there mouth shut. throw popcorn, talk on mobiles etc.

Not saying that you or even your friends are like that, but a vast majorty are (i've been to too many films that have been ruined to say it's a majorty)
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No commercial cinema is going to do that, good idea though it might be! My guess would be that this is about underage kids sneaking into films they oughtn't to be seeing. Most multiplexes have the problem that there's only one usher taking tickets for numerous screens so kids can buy tickets to Rugrats Go Wild, wait till no one's looking and rush into the screen showing Freddy Vs Jason (which was full of brats when I saw it). I remember the problem was particularly bad at Enfield (I used to live there) because of the way it's designed - so many escalators, so few staff! Maybe they've been checking the cinemas and decided it was easier to spot young underage kids at an 18 than a 15.
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The UGC at Rubery has the same problem; there's one usher during off-peak times, makes it way too easy for kids to get into any screens.
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