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Talking IMDb Cheats - Filmmakers Rating Their Own Movies

I originally posted this to the wrong forum, and asked any moderator to move it here. I guess no one has seen it, so I'm posting it again in the right place. Moderators, please close the first, incorrect thread over on the Reviews forum.

Just watched 'The Hidden' with Kyle MacLachlan (I think someone sort-of recommended it on these forums). Good fun.

When I check out IMDb I see there's a sequel, directed by one Seth Pinsker. It has a rating of 2.9

So I decide to read what the reviews say, and come across this:


Date: 27 August 2001
Summary: A dark and scary sequel that exceeded all expectations.

This is a scary sequel that exceeded all my expectations. It's a scary romp. The acting is good, as are the special effects. The story is unusual and the frights are balanced out by some good tongue in cheek humor.
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So that's how Attack Of The Clones gets such a good rating

waits for someone to take the bait

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This is also the case for Decay of Fiction (screened at the London Film Festival and the London Film Festival on tour but alas man, didn't get a chance to see it.

User Comments:

Kane Crawford

Date: 17 May 2003
Summary: Very nice Avant Garde film, especially wonderful editing!

Excellent film, and the editing is wonderful! If you are a true film fan, a must see! Also a joy to make. Pat was a terrific director to work for. Though his previous works never included any actors, this film was a very collaborative effort. Pat allowed for input and much playfulness on the set, and the final product comes across very well as a result.
(Kane Crawford stars in this movie)
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just like some people probably rate a film 1 just because they dont like the director/actor
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There's only one review for a film I made on the IMDB, and it's from my cousin!!! Naturally it's a glowing one...
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Attack of the Clones


Date: 14 May 2002
Summary: One of the best films ever made

This is an amazing movie with all the excitement and adventure of the originals, with superb FX and dialogue. A true classic not to be missed!
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If true ...
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While not rating his movie Vincent Pereira did reply to one comment on A Better Place.

Raoul Duke
Las Vegas, NV

Date: 30 March 1999
Summary: 84 Minutes I wish I had back

I tried very hard to like "A Better Place" but to be totally honest, I wished that I were in a better place, like maybe a minefield. The movie was a sad attempt at trying to be "real" and "hardcore". The acting wasn't horrendous, especially that of Eion Bailey, but it wasn't that fantastic either. The directing on the other hand was downright awful. As was the writing. To me this film came off as a disgruntled attempt to be Kevin Smith (Vincent Perriera's producer on this). The real shocker came after the screening that I attended, when the Director proceeded to point out every fault I had with this movie, and then lay the blame on everyone else (ie. his cinematographer, his actors, his crew in general) and then described shooting as "19 days of pure hell".
The reply....

Vincent Pereira (vpereira@monmouth.com)
Middletown, NJ

Date: 7 April 1999
Summary: For the record...

I never 'blamed' the cast, crew, or cinematographer for any of the admitted flaws in A BETTER PLACE- I did quite candidly talk about my troubles making the film and some of the personality conflicts that arose during production, but NEVER did I 'blame' other people (except for a few shots that turned out screwy- they WERE the fault of the camera operator/DP who assured me they looked good- we were shooting a $50,000 film and didn't have video tap, and I wanted to be able to trust my D.P.)- any conceptual flaws in the film are the result of my naivete at the time as a first-time writer/director.

And, seeing as how you trashed the film Raoul, I can hardly agree that I pointed out EVERY problem you had with the film, 'cause flawed as it may be I'm quite proud of it- you make it sound as if I was up there saying the film sucked, which was hardly the case- unlike a lot of directors though, I'm not afraid to admit that I'm not perfect, and neither is my film, but it is a good film- that I cede to nobody. If you find this kind of honesty "shocking" then so be it.

AND FINALLY, the acting in the film is indeed quite good, particularly the two leads, Eion Bailey and Robert DiPatri.

Vincent Pereira
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