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Setting Up A Home Network

We are about to have the flooring done at our house so it is the perfect opportunity to wire up all of the rooms properly.

My internet connection comes in under my stairs (which is essentially the middle of the property). I plan on running 2 runs of CAT5e to each room back to the cupboard under the stairs.

I have a couple of (possibly numpty) questions before I embark on this;
  • I've read guides on wiring the wall sockets but how difficult are they in reality?
  • Am I best to buy ready-made cables and cut off one of the connectors to attach to the sockets rather than having to crimp ethernet sockets onto the other end myself?
  • I'll need a switch but I'm not sure on the number of ports I require. If I'm wiring up 4 rooms with 2 sockets each, is that 8 ports I need?
  • Is it as easy as running the cables between the wall sockets and the switch then connecting the switch to my broadband router (I guess via the uplink socket)
  • I only have two devices with a gigabit ethernet port (well 3 if you count the router) so is CAT5e fast enough?
  • Do I need a gigabit switch? I'm guessing if I want to use the gigabit devices at optimal speed then this is "yes" but not sure if CAT5e and gigabit play well together

As I said, I might have asked a numpty question or two but want to be sure I'm doing the right thing.
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