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Problem with 32" LCD, Should I send it back?

Just bought the Samasung LE32A41B from QED and I am very happy with it apart from one thing.

The top right and bottom left corners seem to be lighter than the rest of the screen. It's only visible when changing channel on my digibox (the screen goes black for 1/2 a second) or on very dark scenes. It's quiet hard to describe but the light doesnt seem to be eminating from the edges of the box, but kind of like a floating cloud/patch(doesnt move). It took me about 8 hours of watching the TV to notice this, but now I've noticed it's started to bug me, and I am contiplating sending it back.

Is it generally accepted that LCDs suffer from this? Can I send it back as defective? My TFT monitor also suffers from this problem, however, that didnt cost over a grand and the light areas seem to be coming from the edges.

Should I send it back? If so should I demand a replacement and not a repair?. I seem to remember if you get an item repaired you lose some of your rights.


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