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General Forum Closure

The General Forum has been closed. It is the source of 99% of all reported posts and we don't have the time or energy to deal with the constant bickering.

Over the last few years the active forum population has decreased - even I no longer want to visit here because of the atmosphere generated by certain users. I tried to reduce the level of moderation and become more flexible in what was allowed on the site as everyone here is an adult and should be capable to acting like so on a forum like this.

In that time certain remaining members have constantly felt the need to make remarks and comments that trigger ongoing feuds. Every single time I go to investigate a reported post the reporter has already had their say - at which point the moderation challenge has doubled. No one is able to just report and step away.

All I've ever asked is for people to think and be considerate before they post.

I've been accused of being the problem - with some pretty nasty comments both on site and in private messages. Myself and my family have been threatened by some ex members. I was making moves to introduce community moderation and while this had take longer than I had hoped the situation has continued to deteriorate with members being unable to discuss politics or other divisive subjects without falling into a continual funnel of insults, accusations and complaints.

Almost everyone here has been active on the site for over 10 years, some as long as the site has existed - I had hoped that those involved might have more respect for a the site than they clearly do. I fully expect to receive comments, emails and messages from people who think yet again I've made the wrong decision - maybe I have and yes this probably adds to your feeling that I am the problem with the site.

I've been accused of not acting, I've been accused of favouritism (despite banning members who have been friends IRL and active writers of the site), I've been accused of taking the wrong actions, I've been called all the names under the sun, I've had phone calls to my personal phone number from ex-forum members threatening me. I've been attacked by people across the political spectrum - including those who I broadly agree with. I'm past caring about this stuff now.

The rest of the forums will remain open for sensible discussion. If I find the general forum discord now spreads around other sections of the site I might need to reconsider that too.

I enjoy spending time on the non-forums area of the site creating content and working with people who are writing some amazing things that most of you don't give a damn about and are happy to dismiss in a few words or insults. That's where my passion has always been and The Digital Fix will continue with or without the forums.
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