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When a friend/relative asks you to help choose a media set up - what do you use?

I'm sure a lot of people on here have had it. Someone comes to your house and see's you media player full of TV shows and movies you stream from a NAS and thinks it'll be a great idea to have similar, without knowing how to do it or the options, so they ask you.

After your eyes have finished quietly rolling knowing the hassle it's now going to cause you, what set ups do you recommend them?!

I currently have a Synology NAS that downloads all TV shows automatically and movies when I fine them available, mostly from usenet, and then acts as a server for Kodi and Plex, so we watch on the main TV through Kodi and the ipads with Plex. It works well for me, but the NAS wasn't cheap, and it's not without regular managing, just to move files around and rename them to keep them as I like them.

My sister and husband thought it might be a good idea for them and are mulling over the idea, but neither are particularly techy. Not everyone wants to spend a few hundred quid on a NAS and then more on drives on top of media devices that can play them, and I was wondering how other people deal with it when they get asked.

What set ups do you usually recommend? A cheap NAS and something like an Amazon TV, Roku or Android TV device? Apple TV limits your options as it doesn't play certain popular formats or have DLNA capabilities, and all players seem to have their pros and cons. Do you try to set them up with some sort of remote access (such as Teamviewer for when there are issues), or leave them to try to suss it out?

I just thought it would be interesting to see how people set up other people's systems to keep them as idiot proof and as low maintenance as possible.
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