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Angry eMagazineshop are they incompetent or am I unlucky?

Has anyone else experienced problems receiving magazines from Emagazineshop.com?

I'm still waiting for one subscription to start for which the order was placed on 8/4/2002 and worse still a renewal for MSDN magazine (I didn't want to miss out any issues either ) placed on the same day. Naturally they took my money straight away, shall be contacting Visa in a couple of days.

Also, anyone know a direct email address/phone number, because it's about time I gave them what for.....

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5 issues out of a 6 issue subscription went missing for me.
Emailed them about this and they decided there'd extend my subscription by 3 issues for free.
Maybe I should be grateful but it doesnt change the fact that I only got 4 issues when I should have had 6.
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Maybe try the publishers of the magazine as well. I think Emag just pass on your details to them (ie they don't actually send out the mags).
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No probs here with them.
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Guest 2325
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contact the mag they will have the details but emag is rubbish with everything they do the only reason we use them is they are cheap
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Guest 7430
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No problems at all with them. Guess I've just been lucky.
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I subscribed to Viz when the £10 vouchers first appeared. Since there was so many £10 vouchers about, I had about 14 or 15 subs on the go at once.

When the subs started to expire I realised I hadn't received any issues of Viz.

An email later and I get the subscription activated, they had passed incorrect details onto the publishers.

I'm still smiling that I got a years sub for 50p...
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