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Red face Looking to upgrade to a 5.1 sound system, but have no idea what to look for...

Currently I just use the speakers on my TV, and they actually sound pretty good (easily as good as the stereo I used to have my DVD player hooked up to. However, I think it's about time I got a surround system... the problem is I have no idea what system is good, and what isn't. I'm really not looking for a top of the line system... I just want something that's decent and affordable.

I noticed these three systems while browsing earlier...




Could anyone advise me as to whether any would be worth bothering with? Or if they're not, recommend me a system, or what I should be looking for?


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The Icebun
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Think you'll need to spend a bit more than Ł19.99 to get a decent setup - all those three look like they're designed for PCs rather than "proper" home cinema. Some of those speakers only output 3W !

Depends on your budget really, but you should really be looking at separate amp/speaker packages.
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