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The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020).

It’s two years after the Babysitter, Cole is now a bit of an outcast at school, whilst neighbour girl Melanie is getting along fine when she manages to persuade him to skip school and go to the lake…

This was fun, not quite as good as the first film but very enjoyable, with some nice gore, a reasonable story with a couple of twists, basically popcorn entertainment

The Happiness of the Katakuris (2001).

As per the reversible cover “The hills are alive with the sound of screaming.”

A typical, slightly dysfunctional but loving Japanese extended family try to run a guest house in a location that may not be as great for passing traffic and just when they think things are picking up and a guest finally arrives, things start to go wrong.

This is one I watched many years ago on Sci-Fi channel back when they did Anime and Japanese films, with a resounding memory of it being weird and fun, and it gets off to a flying start with it going from a fairly normal hotel/restaurant scene to something weird happening and claymation…

I can’t really describe it, it’s a bit like a mix of Faulty Towers meets Some Mothers Do have them, add in a dash of Thriller and Morph, with the Von Trappe family there in spirit, all with a backdrop of Mount Fuji and an extremely Japanese feel.
It’s fun, but it’s very much more a comedy than a horror.

I think I might go with another Takashi Mike film tonight, as I've had the Audition steelbook blu-ray sat on the shelf for 4 years but not quite managed to get round to watching it.
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Originally Posted by GPR79 View Post
Oh and I'm 2 eps into Channel Zero: Candle Cove. That tooth creature thing is freaking me the **** out...
Just finished the final season last night. As sleep4ever said, Season 3 - Butcher's Block drops the ball somewhat after its excellent opener. There's some very weird WTF imagery at work (meat plants, anyone?) but little sense of mystery or plot.

Season 4 - The Dream Door was a great way to go out though. Very character-centric with solid storytelling momentum throughout and plenty of "Holy ****!" moments. Also kudos for creating probably the scariest clown you've ever seen.
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This is mesmerising ...

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Originally Posted by GPR79 View Post
#26 - Love and Monsters (2020)
7 years after the monsterpocalypse only 5% of the earth's population remains and they're all living underground in bunkers because of the slavering mutant CGI beasts roaming the surface. Young Joel however feels compelled to travel 80 miles to another colony to see his pre-pocalypse girlfriend, a journey made all the more difficult by his tendency to freeze up under pressure. Now this was fun! Plenty of action, humour, a cute Aussie dog, Michael Rooker and minimal YA melodrama. Just found out it was written by Brian Duffield who penned The Babysitter from a few years back, guess he was doing this instead of McG's sequel, here's hoping if they make another of these he'll stay with it. Recommended

HI - which platform is Love and Monsters available on in the UK?

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Originally Posted by Out for Justice View Post
Possessor (2020) - Definitely recommend this one. Written and directed by David Cronenberg's son Brandon who has obviously been gifted with some of his father's talent. Not for the faint hearted but I'm sure you lot can handle it.
Oooh, where from? I've been waiting eagerly for this and didn't know it was available.
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Me too. I don’t think it’s been released anywhere yet though, so perhaps OutforJ caught it at the LFF?
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#33 - I Am Toxic (2018) aka Soy tóxico
In the zombie infested desert wastelands of Beunos Aires in the year 2101 a man wakes up with no memory of his past. Kinda like an Argentinian take on Mad Max with the undead tossed in for good measure. Tight, contained, action oriented, low budget but looks good with it. Very enjoyable! Throws in just enough different ideas to keep you interested and clocks in at a slight 75 mins. Highly recommended

Feedback Thread
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Evil Ed (1995)
Mild-mannered film editor Edward is hired by a sleazy producer to cut down the sex & violence from his slasher series Loose Limbs. Alas, this quickly drives our Ed insane & goes on a murderous rampage. Low budget homage to the video nasties of the 80s with generally terrible acting all round, but seems to be well aware of how daft it is. Full of OTT gore, bizarre characters (hey, I'm a junkie housebreaker, why wouldn't I dress like Axl Rose & carry an Uzi?) & lots of nods to infinitely better films, but great fun all round & seems to be what Arrow Video was invented for.

Not sure I loved it enough to sit through the 3 hour making of documentary (in Swedish!) on the blu though...

Is also watched the 2005 remake of The Fog for the first time in 15 years to see if it was a bad as I remembered. Compare it to the original classic & you'll always be onto a loser, but you know what? As a stand-alone flick, it's not that bad & has aged a lot better than some of the horrors from that era.

I can't really heap praise on it, but it kept me perfectly entertained for 90-odd minutes, Selma Blair is infinitely watchable, & Maggie Grace wandering around in her smalls is always a plus.
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#14 - Waz (2008)

Speaking of Selma Blair...

I don't recall ever hearing or reading about this but it seems like it was reviewed pretty well at the time.

It's very much a latter day Seven-a-like but it's pretty well done and rarely boring. It has more of a TV mini-series aesthetic to it than a box office vibe but it benefits from that claustrophobic feel.

Unlikely New York police duo Stellan Skarsgård and Melissa George are assigned the case of a pregnant woman's murder, after she's found in a dumpster with the word "WAZ" carved into her belly. They quickly determine the murderer was probably sending a message to someone else rather than killing her for anything she's done as "you don't carve a message into a dead woman's stomach because you want her to read it".

What follows is a cat and mouse chase to apprehend the serial killer before they can check off everyone on their list and there's enough twists and turns along the way to keep you interested. Not to mention a fair amount of torture and mutilation.

Plus there's Melissa George reminding us she was ridiculously cute back in the day and Mr Skarsgård's old chap puts in an appearance.

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#15 - Halloween (2018)

I watched this when it came out and thought it was a bit rubbish to be honest. Decided to give it another go tonight and it's actually a very nicely made instalment, with a cast who I mostly didn't want to get brutally murdered, which is a good sign.

It lost me a bit with parts of the "I have to end this" finale but the hilariousness of Laurie preparing all her life for this only to end up doing the same stupid **** as ever (loitering next to a glass panelled door or not managing to see her nemesis standing in a small room full of mannequins ) didn't fully derail things.

It's not as good as H20 but I'm optimistic for the double bill of sequels that are on their way. Just a shame Covid has made us wait until next year at the earliest.

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